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Alpha Phi Omega is a national, co-ed service fraternity that has set the standard for college campus-based volunteerism since 1925. We have active chapters on over 350 campuses, and we strive to help each individual member develop leadership skills, experience friendship on many levels and provide service to others.


*ALL times are in EST


Meet & Greets: Meet brothers and learn about APO and the pledging process!

Wed 2/3 from 7-8pm, Thurs 2/4 from 10-11pm, Fri 2/5 from 7-8pm  


Rush Service: Bond with your fellow rushes and do service together! 

Sat 2/6 from 10-11am

Fellowship & Leadership: Mingle with rushes and brothers, and learn what fellowship and leadership mean to us!

Tues 2/9 from 8-10pm 

Big-little Mixer: Meet some amazing brothers and potentially find your future big!

Thurs 2/11 from 8-10pm  



Question: When does spring recruitment start? - Anonymous
Hi! Our spring recruitment meet & greets will begin Feb. 3rd. More info will be on our facebook and instagram so I recommend checking those as well!
- Isabella Cossu
Question: I have a class from 7-10 pm on Tuesday the 9th. Since I am unable to make the mandatory event that night, does that mean I can't rush or won't be able to receive a bid? - Anonymous

Not at all! If you have another commitment or extenuating circumstance, email the pledge eds at to let them know and they will keep track of it!

- Isabella Cossu
Question: Hi! After spring rush events, will there be a closed rush process/application to fill in? I am a bit unclear on the application process. - Anonymous
Hi! All of the events listed encompass the entirety of our rushing process! It is a completely open process for all majors, years, and genders! As long as you attend 1 meet and greet, and the three other events listed, and demonstrate interest in and seem to abide by the morals of APO you will receive a bid. Like we mentioned before it is a completely open process to everyone and there is no “open/closed rush”. Just the events listed! If you have more questions feel free to ask them here, DM us on facebook or instagram, or email apoexec.communicationschair@gmail.con
- Isabella Cossu


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58 Registered (50 - 100 Members)

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How to Get Involved

Attend our rush events at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. All genders, majors, and years are welcome! Spring 2021 Rush:

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