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Ascendance Social Enterprise x Penn is a student club focused on creating global connections to foster the spirit of social entrepreneurship. We help Penn students get connected to global social entrepreneurs, new social start-ups around the world, and other college level entrepreneurs through a series of events, mentorship opportunities and networking & funding opportunities. Some of our exciting projects include:

1. The Intercollegiate Tech Trailblazer Conference

An inter-ivy and top university entrepreneurship conference that was held in-person in NYC in April 2023, bringing together top entrepreneurs interested in impact from Penn, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, NYU, Brown, and now Cornell, Darthmouth and Harvard together, too. Watch the highlight video below. This year, the club will be organizing our next Climate & AI Trailblazers Conference on Oct 14th &15th, in NYC.

2. The Gamechangers Mentorship Program

Over the Summer, the ASELxPenn club ran the Gamechangers Mentorship Program where Penn student entrepreneurs were paired with aspiring high school social entrepreneurs from around the world. These Penn students acted as mentors, meeting weekly with the high-schoolers as they started to implement their social businesses in their respective communities.

3. The 48-Hour Global Gamechangers Summit

The club co-organises the annual 48-hour live Global Gamechangers Summit annually in the Fall. The summit serves as a meeting point of global leaders & C-Suite executives, along with thousands of student social entrepreneurs than spans across a non-stop 48 hour event of panels, presentations and more. Speakers for the upcoming 2023 confnerence hail from Kontoor, Intel, Google, Franklin Templeton, Disney, Standard Chartered and more. Watch last year's highlight video below:

We connect you to a global network of top executives and global changemakers from different parts of the world and are part of a global youth movement, Ascendance, that has impacted over 50,000 students in 900 communities to start their around social enterprises and was awarded the Diana Award in 2019 for social action and humanitarian work. 

With projects, conferences, podcasts, workshops, mentorship and meetings with successful social entrepreneurs from around the world who will share and guide you to grow your business along with brainstorming and collaboration sessions to grow your business, we are committed to providing you with the support you new to start or thrive in your journey of social entrepreneurship.

Want to work on something that you are passionate about? Find out how you can use your talents to impact your community? Run a profitable enterprise or successful career that impacts thousands of lives?

The Ascendance Social Enterprise Club x Penn is here to help you out!
You can apply to become part of the Ascendance Social Enterprise x Penn Club here - 


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You can apply to become part of the Ascendance Social Enterprise x Penn Club here -

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