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About Us

Black Wharton Undergraduate Association (BW) is a student-run organization dedicated to enhancing the collegiate experience and accelerating the professional aspirations of our members. In order to meet these goals, BW provides its members with internship information, interactive business conferences, community service opportunities, and alumni networking among other initiatives. BW holds monthly general body meetings (GBMs) to foster community and professionally develop members of the Black Penn community. BW is composed of high-potential students whose interests vary across numerous industries. Our organization serves as an intermediary between our diverse corporate sponsors and our members as well as a support system for our members’ academic, personal, and pre-professional endeavours.


The BW board is composed of the elected and appointed board members. The elected board comprises the President, VP of Finance, VP of Internal Affairs, VP of External Affairs, and VP of Corporate Development. The appointed board contains nine positions: Director of Member Development, Director of Community Service, Director of Alumni Relations, Director of Marketing, Freshman Liaison, and the Co-Chair(s) of the Howard E. Mitchell Memorial Conference and the Black Ivy League Business Conference, and the Chair of BWConsulting. The elected board members are decided by active BW members in a standard voting process. Each board member can elect to form a committee.

In 2018, BW created a new arm, BW Consulting (BWC), to provide free consulting services to minority-owned businesses in Philadelphia. While technically a subsidiary, BWC operates as a self-standing organization with its own board, operating procedures, and internal projects/development efforts but still does answer to the greater BW board. Through BWC's partnerships and model, the club achieves its bifurcated goal: developing professional Black talent and offering meaningful business solutions to local, minority-owned businesses. BWUA applicants can apply into BWC through this same application and selecting the appropriate options.


Howard E. Mitchell Memorial Conference (HEMM): Established in 1986, The HEMM Conference is held in honor of Dr. Howard E. Mitchell, aformer professor at Penn dedicated to corporate social responsibility and diversity. This conference features a career fair from partner firms where students gain great exposure to a variety of industries.

Black Ivy League Business Conference (BILBCon): Established in 2016, BILBCon is a two-day conference whose purpose is to bring together ambitious and high-achieving minority students across all Ivy League institutions to offer a unique platform to collectively further their professional development.

Galvanizing Adolescents Toward a Legacy of Achievement (GALA): Launched in 2009, the GALA reaffirms BW's commitment to civic engagement and corporate social responsibility. Each year, BW honors one local organization whose exemplary work supports, uplifts, and inspires members of our Philadelphia community.

Freshman Luncheon: Launched in 2006, the annual BW Freshmen Luncheon serves as a kickoff to a new school year and an introduction to BW for freshmen. The luncheon provides a chance for incoming freshmen to foster a community amongst themselves and meet current BW members.

New Student Programming: Our incoming freshmen are welcomed with the annual Freshmen Luncheon where our freshmen are introduced to the BW family and info sessions and GBMs where they have an opportunity to learn more about getting involved in BW.

Available Positions

In addition to becoming a board member and a general body member, students can also apply to one of the board committees. During the 2021-2022 term, BW will be recruiting for committee members. Students will be able to apply to join the BWUA Consulting committee as a Consultant working for a local Philadelphia business client or join the committee for BILBCon.

How to Join

Visit our website at or email us at to get involved.

For more information or questions regarding BW, contact Syelinda Kithome, President:

For more information or questions regarding BWC, contact William Wallace, BWC President: or visit the website


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How to Get Involved

Visit our website at or email us at if you have any questions on how to get involved.


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Wharton Clubbing Fair

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