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CogWell is a student group at Penn that aims to create a more supportive, non-judgmental environment on campus through active listening trainings, led by undergrad students, in order to help break the "Penn Face." We foster a community within our club through weekly meetings, as well as provide members with opportunities to lead workshops and larger events on campus. There is no application required to join and we encourage students to reach out if they are interested. Leadership positions are available to students who show outstanding involvement.  

Our Mission Statement: CogWell provides programs that promote effective communication skills to college students, creating supportive campus environments to proactively manage daily mental health stressors and foster connection among students. 


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Question: Hi! How can I request membership to your group? - Anonymous

Hi! If you send your email we will add you to our group chat and email chain and you'll be in!

- Caitlin O'Flanagan
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Question: Hi! How do I join Cogwell as a current freshman? Or stay updated on Cogwell's events and applications? - Anonymous

Hi! We would love for you to join! If you send me your email I will put you in touch with our leader Missy and she will send you the info for our meetings!

- Caitlin O'Flanagan
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How to Get Involved

Please reach out to us at our club email,, to learn more about how you can join. 

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