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Penn College Republicans strives to promote conservative values and ideals on campus by bringing together Penn’s conservative students. We hold speaker events, organize grassroots campaign initiatives, and host social events each semester. As Penn's largest group for conservative students, we pride ourselves on our strong community, and are always looking to grow our close-knit club!

Points of Contact

Joshua Frazier
Co-Political Director
Lexi Boccuzzi
Nicholas Rutherford
Co-Political Director


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Question: How do I apply to join? - Anonymous

If you'd like to join our listserv, please fill out this form. If you're interested in getting more involved by joining our Deputy Board community, please fill out this quick application!

- Sara Chopra
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Question: What kind of social events do you have? - Anonymous
During a typical semester (on-campus), we host weekly happy hours at our favorite restaurants along with game nights, BYOs, and other events. This semester we will have frequent gatherings over Zoom until things return back to normal!
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Alexia Boccuzzi
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Executive Director
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Harrison Selznick
Vice President
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Isabella Dicampli
Marketing Director
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28 Registered (> 100 Members)

Currently Accepting Members

Application Required

Both Semesters


How to Get Involved

Join our listserv to receive emails from us! 

We are always recruiting new Deputy Board members, too – apply here to join! Deputy Board members have access to our community groupchats and exclusive social events.

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