Chinese Students' Association (CSA)



The Chinese Students' Association (CSA) is a social, cultural, and political organization that aims to promote Chinese and Chinese-American affairs to the Penn community.

CSA exists to create a network of individuals interested in these affairs and provide a way for all people to learn more about Chinese and Chinese-American culture, history, food, and news while creating a network with a multifaceted family of members.

To carry out our mission, CSA holds numerous events including our annual cultural show production, holiday festivals, speaker events, food events, trips, study breaks, and more.


Question: Which events do you look forward to hosting each year? - Anonymous
In typical on-campus years, we host our signature large events like Dumpling Fest (all-you-can eat dumplings!), Rose Sale (fresh rose deliveries!), and Cultural Show. Some of our favorite events in the past have also been our Boat Formal and going to a trampoline park. With a virtual semester, CSA looks forward to hosting some exciting online events that might not beat all-you-can-eat dumplings, but will definitely highlight the best part of CSA - our community of people! :)
- Clio Sun
Question: How do I join as a member? - Anonymous
Membership is open to everyone! Attend any of our events (publicized on our public Facebook and Instagram pages and sent out in our newsletters) and message our MR Chairs Brian or Marvin to be added into a Family Group.
- Clio Sun



Jashee Yang
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Jim Ren
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Marvin Jiang
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Brian Zhang
Internal Chair
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How to Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to come to our events and join our family groups and interest groups to be a part of our CSA family! Events are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and the forms to join family groups/interest groups are on our website. If you are interested in being a leader on CSA Board, we'll be taking freshman liaisons for the fall semester – come to our GBM/Welcome Week Events or SAC Fair to learn more about and ask us about how to apply! Applications for the 2021 year iteration of CSA Board will be open in December 2020.

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