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The Computer Science Society is the University of Pennsylvania's computer science student organization. We look to build a community within computer science, and we work to provide students with as many opportunities as we can. Whether we're planning late night cookies, interview prep panels, or hackjams, we're always looking to help out the students and to promote the department.


Question: Is CSS for undergrads only? - Anonymous
It's not only for undergrads, but most of the club members are undergraduate students.
- Amy Dai
Question: Are there currently open committee positions? - Anonymous
Yes, we will send out applications early next week through the listserv.
- Amy Dai
Question: How do we get onto the listserv? - Anonymous
Please fill out the form here:
- Amy Dai
Question: How can we apply to join CSS? - Anonymous
To be a general body member, please fill out the form here: Everyone who fills out the form will be enrolled as a general body member. To participate in a committee, please fill out the application here:
- Amy Dai
Question: To become a member, do you have to have previous computer science knowledge or is one of the goals of this organization to foster knowledge ? - Anonymous
You do not need to have previous computer science knowledge. The goal of the organization is to foster a community around a shared interest in computer science.
- Amy Dai



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How to Get Involved

Attend committee meetings if on a committee, attend executive meetings if on executive board. The listserv is available to all!

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