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GRC Wharton is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania and the founding branch of GRC Group, a global network of independently operated consulting groups around the world with branches at elite institutions such as Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, and Kellogg.

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Our Mission 

“To bring together the most talented, passionate, and diverse students from around the world and empower them to make an impact on the work of our NGO and social impact partners."


Our Divisions 

Consulting - Our project teams leverage creative problem-solving and ingenuity to work directly with and empower global organizations, such as previous clients which include the World Bank, UNESCO, Google, and Wikipedia. Our analyses include: financial forecasts, expansion strategies, and market analysis.

Insights Project Teams - Working directly with global organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, our project teams deliver actionable and high-impact recommendations through knowledge acquisition, detailed research and data analysis.

Insights Article Briefs - The Articles writers collaborate with our global branches to write and publish high quality, analytical content in the areas of sustainability, development, and ESG. Current articles can be found at our GRC Global Website!

What We Ask (of our candidates) 

Be Inquisitive - You crave knowing the “why” behind the magic. You love to explore, understand, and share your insights with the world. You wake up every day, ready to unlock the mysteries of the unknown. 

Be Collaborative - You work well with others. You see the potential in your colleagues and are ready to contribute to the greater picture. When the going gets tough, you are ready to support your colleagues. 

Be Human - You excel at crafting world class insights, but it doesn’t define you. At the end of the day, you enjoy hanging out with colleagues, exploring a hobby, and embracing the greater things in life. 

What We Offer 

Impact - We empower you to have an impact on the work of our NGO partners through meaningful projects, engaging project leaders, and opportunities to participate in thought leadership in your research. 

Growth - We push you to new boundaries, invest in your development, and provide you with opportunities to grow during your tenure with us. Your growth is our growth and we take pride in it. 

Community - From a cluster of 30+ members in your incoming cohort to the 80+ members in our branch to the 200+ members in our global network, we’ll make you feel at home with social events year-round. 

What We Believe (Our Values) 

We Put Our People First – Our colleagues are our greatest asset, without them, we would not exist. We take pride in attracting the most talented, passionate, and diverse group of people from our community and investing in them at every stage so that they can be the best that they can be. 

We Are Stronger Together – Collaboration is at the heart of all we do. We are team players who put our best foot forward and support each other when the going gets hard. 

We Break The Box – Our clients rely on us to change the world. At every step, we innovate, ideate, and create solutions that will fuel their revolution.  

We Make The Mark – Nothing but the best will do. We are individually and collectively accountable
for our work and uphold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and excellence. 

We Don't Stop – Every day is a new day for us. We are passionate about our work and will never stop fighting for our clients. 

Points of Contact

Shana Ahemode


Most Recent
Question: Can we submit our applications via Penn Clubs? - Anonymous

Yes, the link to the application is on the upper right hand corner of our page!

- Sarah Kim
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Question: I can't access Wharton Portal since I am not a Wharton student... Where else can I find the application? Thank you. - Anonymous

The application can be found on the upper right hand corner of our Pennclubs page!

- Sarah Kim
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Question: Will the info session be recorded if I am not able to attend? - Anonymous

Unfortunately, we will not be recording the info session! However

- Jonathan Zou
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Question: Do you need any prior experience of any kind to join? - Anonymous
No prior experience in consulting or non-profits is needed! We welcome students of all backgrounds who are interested in GRC. Just be prepared to show your passion, creativity, and personality in both the application and the interview.
- Kanishka Ragula
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Question: What is the expected time commitment per week? Are leadership positions open to freshmen? - Anonymous

The expected time commitment is between 2 and 4 hours of work per week, depending on your team. Every member is expected to make the weekly GBM on Mondays at 8-9 EST. Outside of that, your Project Leader will assign work that should be completed by the next meeting. The time it takes to complete this will vary from week to week.

- Jonathan Zou
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Question: I'm having trouble finding the application. Where on the Wharton groups page can I find it? Thanks! - Anonymous

The application is now open and will be accessible through the Apply button on our Penn Clubs page above! You can subscribe to us on Penn Clubs to be notified when the application opens.

- Jonathan Zou
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Question: How competitive is the application process and do you encourage freshman to apply? - Anonymous
We are open to all school years, including graduate students, and strongly encourage first year students to apply. We do not have an absolute cap on members and are committed to admitting members across all divisions who are strongly aligned with our mission, values, and culture.
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Question: Can you share a little bit about GRC's previous projects? - Anonymous

Sure! GRC has two main divisions, the consulting division and the insights thinktank.

The consulting division works with global clients to solve pressing business problems. In the past, our clients have included the One Acre Fund, UNESCO, Wikimedia, and the World Wildlife Fund. These consulting projects have included analyzing the profitability of corporate divisions, developing expansion strategies, and creating a database of related NGOs for a potential partnership. You can see one of our previous projects here:

Our insights thinktank publishes thought leadership pieces on the intersection of social impact and business. Insights members will also participate in client-facing research projects and data analytics. You can find the thinktank here:

Join us at our info sessions to find out more about the projects we are working on this semester!

- Jonathan Zou
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Question: Are there any members that I can talk to about this organization? I'd love to get a few members' perspectives on what you do specifically within this group. - Anonymous

Absolutely! We will be holding informal coffee chats over the course of recruitment, and we have planned several events and info sessions to help students get more familiar with the club. More details will be sent out shortly. In the meantime, our board members would be happy to chat and share our experiences with GRC. Sign up for a coffee chat in the link in our introduction above! We look forward to speaking with you!

- Jonathan Zou
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Question: Where can I find/access the Wharton Council Common Club Application if I am a student in the College? - Anonymous
Hi, the Wharton Council Common Club Application will be open to students from all schools through CampusGroups. Once the application goes live on September 1st, it can be accessed online at If you hit the subscribe and bookmark buttons in the top right, we'll send you an email reminder when the application opens and before it closes.
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Question: Do I have to be a student in Wharton to join this club? - Anonymous

You do not! We accept students from all backgrounds across Penn, including all 4 undergraduate schools: College, Engineering, Wharton, and Nursing as well as the graduate schools! Yup, your project leader might be a grad student!

Fun Fact: One of our Co-Presidents is in Engineering!

- Jonathan Zou
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Basic Info

83 Registered (50 - 100 Members)

Not Currently Accepting Members

Application Required

Both Semesters


How to Get Involved

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