Global Women Empowerment

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From hosting self defense workshops to taking care of annual educational costs of marginalized girls in Africa, GWE is dedicated to working for gender equity and activism through all walks of life. We are a small team that makes great impact in our local Philadelphia community and beyond through volunteering, fundraising, and hosting different events on campus. Through our cultural awareness movie nights, we have also started a campaign to raise awareness on sex trafficking, domestic violence, child labor, and gender exclusitivity. We hope to expand our club and bring in diverse ideas from all students of varying backgrounds. 


Question: Does Global Women Empowerment have any upcoming events planned for this semester? - Anonymous
Yes, we will be presenting GWE during the SAC fair on September 3rd, during which we will provide more Information on upcoming GBMs and other events.
- Ryan Afreen


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Need to email us using the contact email that we have listed to be added to our listserv. We will send out a Google Form application in the coming weeks for you to fill out

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