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The Government and Politics Association is the largest student political organization at the University of Pennsylvania. Devoted to non-partisan and balanced dialogue, the organization does not adopt positions on political issues; we leave it to our members to make up their own minds. We host over 40 events per semester, ranging from informal discussions and social events to formal debates and speaker events. Our membership is 100% inclusive; anyone who wants to join GPA is welcome. GPA consists of three branches: the Penn Political Review, the Penn Political Union, and the Polybian Society. Visit our website for information on each branch!


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Question: Hi. Is Zuha Noor still the Editor-in-Chief? - Anonymous

The new Editor in Chief for 2023 is Arushi Saxenaย 

- Marc Edayadi
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Question: How do you join? - Anonymous

Hello! GPA is an open membership organization, meaning that anyone from the Penn community can attend our events. However, each of our three branches has a membership process that can entitle you to certain benefits.

Polybian, our informal discussion group, has a casual initiation process once every semester that can allow you to access some of their social events. Please fill out our interest form , or check out the Polybian Society on Facebook.

Penn Political Union, our formal debate organization, has a system of 5 caucuses, small, informal groups of politically like-minded students that do events together and encourage people to join our debates. If you'd like to join a caucus, please fill out this form.

Finally, Penn Political Review, Penn's only politically-focused magazine, has positions for writers, editors, layout designers, and interview team members. If you're interested in these positions, email our Editor-in-Chief Zuha Noor ( Thanks for your question!

- Joshua Rose
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Question: what is the meeting password to join the zoom? - Anonymous
Hi. There should not be a password necessary to join. See you Thursday!
- Justin Greenman
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Marc Edayadi
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Arushi Saxena
Penn Political Review Editor In Chief

Dhilan Lavu
Polybian Society Consul

Hannah Lee
Vice President External
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Anyone is free to attend events. There are no membership requirements for attendance!

Interested in hearing more about our organization and its branches and getting in touch with our officers? Please fill out this short interest form!

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