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APPLICATION: https://forms.gle/Gt2meZTgfM8C8ZcJ9 (due by Sun 9/13 @ 11:59pm)

Hack4Impact is a student-run nonprofit dedicated to developing software for social good. Each semester, we team up with socially-responsible organizations to build products tackling issues in education, food accessibility, poverty, and more. Hack4Impact was founded at Penn in 2014, and has since grown into a national organization with 10+ university chapters.

This year, per Penn policies, recruitment will primarily be run out of the Penn Clubs portal: https://pennclubs.com/club/h4i. Come learn more about our organization, the fun we have as a community, and where you fit in! 

  • Info Session Recording HERE | PW: 65MGTkZ+
  • ESAC Fair: Tuesday, September 8th @4pm EST
  • Q&A Sessions: Tuesday, September 8th @7:30pm EST 


This fall, we are opening applications to the class of 2022, 2023, and 2024! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at penn@hack4impact.org. 


Question: Does the Google Application Form return a confirmation receipt? - Anonymous
Nope. As long as you submit it, we should have received it. If you want to confirm your submission, feel free to email us, and we can confirm for you on our end.
- Daniel Tian
Question: Is the website down? - Anonymous
Nope - Back up now!
- Jamie Wang
Question: Can grad students apply? - Anonymous
Yes, grad students are welcome to apply as long as you are not class of 2021. On the application form, please indicate your lastest graduation year from Penn as your "class year".
- Jamie Wang
Question: How does the project structure work? - Anonymous
We source and work on new projects every semester normally in teams of 5-6 people. Each team has a PM (project manager) who handles the majority of client communications and a TL (tech lead) who helps develop and distribute tasks weekly.
- Jamie Wang
Question: Some members of H4I mentioned they went on Figma a lot... do some developers design as well? - Anonymous
We don't have an official design position (yet), but many of our developers do have extra skills they like to work on outside of developing. Design is definitely one of them, and this year, internally, we will be putting together a design committee to build out a lasting team. That said, we do not recruit for designers. For those of you who are interested but not too knowledgable about design, Figma is a collaborative design tool similar to photoshop/illustrator that is ~free~. (Also, a ton of our alum work there so we love it 🥺 )
- Jamie Wang
Question: Should I still apply if I haven't necessarily worked on a structured side project? - Anonymous
No worries if you don't have a super structured project that you've worked on. Feel free to write about some of the work that you've done in the courses or through self-learning. The point of the project question is for you to explain and demonstrate the work that you've done with CS, and often, people will write about "projects"/assignments they've completed as part of their classes as examples of it. Also, if you feel like this isn't the best time for you to apply and want to wait to get a bit more experience/work, we 100000% encourage re-applying or applying the following year. A lot of our members entered as sophomores and juniors, and even one of our current co-directors applied twice! Though, we would encourage you to submit an application this year, EVEN if you are unsure about your skills/experience!
- Jamie Wang
Question: What does the technical question look like? - Anonymous
Good question! As part of the recruitment process, we are releasing the technical interview questions we asked last year https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xZk46aTgX-tpJITRs5Wh1JxXE5ukvPQZ?usp=sharing.
- Jamie Wang
Question: What is the time commitment? - Anonymous
1hr full group (mandatory) meeting every Wednesday. ~4 hours outside of that inclusive of social and development activities!
- Jamie Wang
Question: Where can I find the link to the application? - Anonymous
The application is https://forms.gle/Gt2meZTgfM8C8ZcJ9 and is due at 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 13th, 2020. PLEASE reach out if you have any questions! It might feel a little long, but we're not trying to make it intimidating. :)
- Sarah Raines
Question: What does a technical developer/software engineer do in Hack4Impact? - Anonymous
Technical developers drive forward Hack4Impact’s mission by building software that meets important social and humanitarian needs. As a technical developer, you will have the opportunity to develop and ship a project with tangible impact each semester. Within the organization, you can also work on various open-source software initiatives and learn from mentors around you to gain skills necessary to becoming a full-stack developer.
- Jamie Wang
Question: Why should I join? - Anonymous
As a Hack4Impact member, you can shape the organization's initiatives (or start your own!) in areas such as impact assessment, diversity & inclusion, career development, and more. As an organization and as a community, we care about and actively support the individual development of each member, be it professional or personal. In addition to our social impact projects, we focus on building a tight-knit community of students passionate about social change. As a member of the Hack4Impact family, you will bond with the community and become part of the Hack4Impact family, receive mentorship and guidance from a strong network of accomplished and amazing alumni, watch movies, join in for board game nights, and make memories with your Hack4Impact friends 😊
- Jamie Wang
Question: For Fall 2020, what positions are you recruiting for? - Anonymous
Technical developers only. On the application, there is a question about PM/TL interests, but that is not considered an application for PM/TLs (nor is it considered in the application process). PM/TLs are promoted internally!
- Jamie Wang
Question: I applied to H4I last year but did not get in. Can I re-apply again this year? - Anonymous
YES! Please re-apply. So many of our members did not get in the first time (including one of our current co-directors), and we strongly encourage you to submit another application!
- Jamie Wang
Question: Who should apply? - Anonymous
Class of 2022, 2023, and 2024. You do NOT have to be a CS major to apply!
- Jamie Wang
Question: How much software experience do I need to be a technical developer? - Anonymous
If you have taken CIS 110 or AP Computer Science, you are qualified to join Hack4Impact! We have a huge focus on education and will make sure that you have the resources and mentorship opportunities to learn how to build software products. If you are eager to learn the technologies, and are passionate about social impact and community-building, we are excited for you to apply! Developers with React knowledge are a plus, but please apply even if you don’t know! Most (basically all) our members applied without React knowledge, and this year, we are implementing a ton of internal initiatives around a technical Bootcamp for new and returning members.
- Jamie Wang
Question: What are you looking for in an applicant? - Anonymous
We are looking for people who are excited about working in social impact and tech and who resonate deeply with our mission and values: http://hack4impact.org/about! If you are passionate about software and social impact, a self-starter, want to learn, and are eager to apply your skills to affect real lives, please submit an application! If you are on the fence, please reach out to us. We're super friendly <3
- Jamie Wang
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This semester, we are looking for members of the class of 2022, 2023, and 2024 interested in software development. Our only technical requirement is the completion of CIS110 or an equivalent high school course. Reach out to penn@hack4impact.org with any questions or attend the SAC Fair, our info session, Q&A casual session, or view the recordings.