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The Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) is a student group at the University of Pennsylania. We hope to share with the Penn community what makes Hong Kong so special. HKSA celebrates the unique culture of Asia's most dynamic city, and welcomes Penn students from all backgrounds!


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Question: Hello, I must've missed the Zoom meeting because I have tried clicking under events and nothing is popping up? - Joo Chan Shin
We were unfortunately unable to host a zoom meeting during the SAC fair, but please feel free to fill out this short form to sign up for our emailing list (https://forms.gle/29EhrhHa1XZ6QMJH7) and be notified of any events/activities that are taking place :)
- Kerry Hsu
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No commitment required ;) Simply fill out this short form to be added to our listserv (https://forms.gle/Jdamx6GJVrKqVt5S6), and you will be notified of the events that we're hosting (including free food events, cultural celebrations, professional panels, recruitment info, etc.)!

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