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JSA is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania that celebrates Japanese culture. We're a fun group of friends looking to meet other people and promote Japanese culture. Come join us!

Check out our Facebook page and signup for our listserv to stay up to date with our events :) You can also refer to the slides below for general information about us.


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Question: Hi I am a new grad student for the upcoming fall semester and I am interested in JSA! How can I join you? - Anonymous

Please come find us at the upcoming SAC Fair (8/31 11am-1pm)!

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Question: Hello! I'm a visiting scholar from Japan. I plan to do a research internship at UPenn until August 2022. I arrived here around a week ago, and I wish to make new friends here. Although I'm not a regular student of UPenn (the 2nd year of Ph.D. student in Japan), can I join the club? - Fumika Shimamura

Welcome to UPenn! Yes you can join the club. Please email upenn.japan@gmail.com with your full name so we can add you to our mailing list.

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Question: Hello! I will be attending the information session and am looking forward to getting to know more about the club and meeting everyone. I had a question about applications. If we wanted to apply, where and by when would we have to do so? - Navmi Sharma
To become a general JSA member, we do not require any applications. JSA members are free to join all JSA events and meet other JSA friends! Look forward to getting to know you at the info session :D
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Question: Hey guys! I’m Mehmed Can Özkan from Turkey, and I have a bit of Japanese experience and due to the culture my parents brought home from Tokyo after living there in the nineties for three years, and my winter experiences in Kyoto including Japanese economy, cultural sites, food culture, language, O-Noh theatre and more, I really enjoy a broad understanding of all of the cultural levels. From what I understand you do not need to be Japanese to partake. I’d be very happy to get information about how I can take part. I’d also love to be a part of organizing the events you mention on the websites. Thank you! Best wishes, Mehmed Can Özkan - Mehmed Ozkan
Konnichiwa Mehmed! So great to hear about your interest and past experiences with Japanese culture. Yes, you do not need any Japanese literacy to have fun in this club. To hear about our upcoming events and get to know about the board and its members, we encourage you to join our SAC Fair Info session and check out our social media pages for event announcements! See you soon :)
- Arisa Kubo
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No expectations or applications to become a general member of JSA. They are free to socialize, come and go, and attend any JSA event they want to! Applications are required when applying for board positions. Board members are responsible for organizing activities and managing JSA. The expectations for board members depend on the position. To learn more about board members' responsibilities, positions, and application, feel free to ask the current board members!

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