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Welcome to Penn Matriculate! We are a student organization at Penn and a community of college students that virtually advise high-achieving, low-income high school students, and help them apply to colleges across the country.

Upon acceptance, each member will be paired with up to four high school students to mentor. In addition to advising high schoolers, we hold monthly and community events and offer opportunities for leadership to members of all class years and backgrounds.

The Early Application deadline is Sunday, September 19 and the Final Application deadline is Sunday, October 17! (same link below)

Matriculate is a national nonprofit and has chapters at 16 institutions including Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, UCLA, & Berkeley.

Questions? Contact Megha at, George at, or submit your question below! 

Also, follow us on IG for the most up-to-date information!


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Question: Are admissions to Matriculate rolling, or does everyone who applies before the deadline receive admissions results on 12/3? - Anonymous

Thank you for reaching out! We do review applications and send out interview invites on a rolling basis. If you applied by the early application deadline, you can expect to hear back from us within the next two weeks. 

12/3 is the latest date by which you would know your admission status (if you scheduled your interview late, for example)-- you will likely know much earlier!

- Megha Nair
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Question: Can international students at Penn apply to Matriculate or is it only for domestic students? - Anonymous

International students are absolutely welcome to apply! 

- Sherry Liu
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