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The University of Pennsylvania Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) is a student-run service organization providing emergency medical services to the University community. The primary purpose of the organization is to complement the emergency medical care provided by the University of Pennsylvania Police Department (UPPD) and the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD) by providing professional, timely, and high-quality pre-hospital treatment. The secondary purpose of the organization is to provide training and education to students and the community.

Points of Contact

Kelly Jiang
Membership Officer - MERT


Question: Am I able to get EMT certified through MERT this semester even though everything is remote? - Jillian Wong
MERT plans to hold an in-person EMT class in spring 2021, circumstances allowing.
- Kelly Jiang
Question: Hi! Where can I find the application? - Anonymous
You can find the application on our website at under the "Join MERT" tab.
- Kelly Jiang
Question: Are international students eligible to gain EMT certification and then join MERT as EMTs? - Anonymous
Yes, international students are eligible to take the EMT class and join MERT.
- Kelly Jiang
Question: Will MERT be providing online training sessions this fall? Is MERT focusing on education this semester since most students are remote so the need for emergency medical services will be reduced? - Anonymous
MERT will host our general body meetings and trainings online this fall, and we will continue to be in service this semester.
- Kelly Jiang
Question: When does the MERT EMT Class application close? - Abenezer Lemma
The application for the spring 2021 EMT class will close at midnight on October 16th.
- Kelly Jiang
Question: Hello! My name is Angela Sun, and I'm currently a sophomore studying off-campus this semester. Although I won't be able to join you for an in-person interview, which I believe the application requires, I was wondering if there was still a method for conducting recruitment remotely. I planned to receive my EMT certification this summer, but due to the pandemic, that choice became rather unsafe. I would like to apply for the possibility to receive certification in the spring semester and officially join in fall of 2021, which, I have been told, is the usual timeline for new recruits entering without EMT certification under normal circumstances. Hopefully, I will also be attending your SAC Fair introduction on September 2nd. Thank you in advance for your response, Angela - Angela Sun
Yes, we will continue with recruitment virtually this year. You are welcome to apply to our EMT class happening in the spring. See you at the SAC Fair!
- Kelly Jiang
Question: Do I need to apply to and join MERT in order to take the EMT class offered in the spring? - Anonymous
The application for the EMT class is also considered your application to MERT. You are guaranteed a spot on the team once you complete our class.
- Kelly Jiang
Question: This is a kind of random question, but how do Mert members travel when called? Like is everyone required to ride a bicycle or is there a vehicle of some sort? - Anonymous
All MERT members respond to calls by bike. During inclement weather, Penn public safety vehicles take us to the scene.
- Kelly Jiang
Question: For those who did not apply in the fall for the Spring 2021 EMT class, what is the spring looking like for people who still want to get involved? - Anonymous
If you did not apply for the Spring 2021 class but would still like to join MERT, you can obtain your EMT license through an external course and apply for membership afterward. There are several other courses offered in Philadelphia, but you are welcome to take a course anywhere else in the country as well.
- Kelly Jiang
Question: Does mert only offer emt classes during the spring? - Anonymous

Yes, MERT offers an EMT class once a year during spring semester.

- Kelly Jiang



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How to Get Involved

Go to and visit the "Join MERT" page! Email if you have any questions.

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