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As an undergraduate organization, Mex@Penn works to foster the unity of students brought together by a passion and love for Mexico, as well as to share its culture with others at the University of Pennsylvania. From this our motto: "love of the motherland is our law."

We provide students with the resources needed to develop their professional careers and address the challenges Mexico faces today. To achieve the latter, we encourage students to be proactive in addressing the needs of the Mexican community in the region and organize diverse workshops with professionals in the field.

Our club activities include:

  • Community service such as "Pan de Muerto Kit for a Cause" and "Concha Kits for a Cause"
  • Monthly GBM where we present professional opportunities, and have excellent Mexican food and treats
  • Mexican "Café con el Consul," and speaker events
  • Career Treks to visit alumni in NYC and DC
  • Cultural exchange events with other cultural clubs on campus
  • And of course celebrating Mexican holidays and events, such as the upcoming World Cup!


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Question: How would we get involved for the spring semester? - Anonymous

The best way to be informed about our programming is by joining our listserv and groupchat by filling out the form on our website!

- Daniel Ruiz De La Concha
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How to Get Involved

If you want to get involved with Mex@Penn, please follow us on social media, and join our listserv through this link:

Please also send a message to Majo (+1 (267) 304-9814) to be added to our Whatsapp group chat!

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