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MUSE, the Marketing Undergraduate Student Establishment, is the student-run 2022 Platinum chapter of the American Marketing Association at the University of Pennsylvania. Founded in 2006, MUSE's mission is to be the primary source for students interested in marketing to gain professional experience and access to resources within the industry. Today, MUSE engages hundreds of students across campus, has a 1500 person listserv, and remains the University of Pennsylvania's premier marketing club. Despite MUSE's massive growth, we continue to provide individuals with unique and exciting opportunities in the field of marketing through engaging events and resources.

We have 11 different committees, each run by our amazing VPs:

  • Generalist Consulting
  • Social Impact Practice Consulting
  • Case Team
  • Finance/Investments
  • Internal
  • External/Corporate Relations
  • Social Impact
  • Conferences
  • Digital
  • Creative
  • Innovation

We pride ourselves on the impact our work makes, be it through volunteering, building websites, creating innovative advertising, or working with top tier clients who are continuously impressed by the quality of our work. We invite you to get to know MUSE a little bit better, and join our MUSE family!

Learn more about our GBM Engagement Plan, committees and VPs, and find more information here

Points of Contact

Abby Portnoy
Anaya Shroff
Hannah Zhang


Most Recent
Question: How do I apply to be a General Body Member? - Anonymous

To be a GBMer, all you have to do is be on our email listserv. If you're on that already, you're already considered a GBMer.Ā 

- Edward Wu
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Question: Hi can I ask whether MUSE considers application from full year exchange student? - Anonymous

Yes we do!

- Edward Wu
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Question: Where can we find the committee-specific questions for the application? - Anonymous

Hi! We just updated our application so the committee question should now appear for your indicated committee

- Edward Wu
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Question: Do info session #1 and info session #2 cover the same information? If so, should we attend both sessions or just one? - Anonymous

Yes! Both info sessions will cover the same information. You can attend whichever one works best with your schedule, or both if you'd like. The first info session will be in JMHH 245 and the second will be on Zoom.Ā 

- Naomi Tsuang
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Question: How do I join the listserv? - Anonymous

Hi! You can join the listserv here!

- Naomi Tsuang
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Question: To apply for multiple committees, do we press "submit" for each application? Will you be able to see all of our responses (since the site says only the most recent submission will be saved)? - Anonymous

Hi! We will see all of your responses. If something strange happens during your submission process feel free to reach out to either MUSE's email or the VP for the committee and they can confirm that they did receive your application.Ā 

- Audrey Knoll
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Question: Do you accept upperclassmen (juniors, seniors) in the Spring 2022 recruitment cycle? - Anonymous

Hi! Yes all years are allowed to apply. We have had upperclassmen accepted in both the Spring and Fall semester. However, It is rarer but that's because fewer apply.Ā 

- Audrey Knoll
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Question: Is this club only open to Wharton students? - Anonymous

Definitely not! We have students from all schools join our committees!

- Meghan Chung
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Basic Info

56 Registered (> 100 Members)

Not Currently Accepting Members

Application Required

Both Semesters


How to Get Involved

All of MUSE's 11 committees are recruiting Fall 2023: Generalist Consulting, Social Impact Practice Consulting, Finance/Investments, Internal, External/Corporate Relations, Social Impact, Conferences, Digital, Creative, Case, and Innovation.

Interested in joining? Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay updated on our events, check out our website musepenn.org for more information, and apply here !Ā 

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