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Our Mission

One for the World is a nonprofit organization on a mission to end extreme poverty. We encourage and motivate students to pledge 1% of their postgraduate income to the most effective causes in the world. The Penn Undergrad chapter is one of seventy plus chapters, and our organization collectively has moved over $1 million dollars to the most effective charities.

To get involved, fill out this form ( to join our club and / or become a student ambassador. If you’re interested in taking the pledge, you can do so at, or email with any questions.

What We Do

At the chapter level, our club is focused on education and outreach to gain new pledges. One for the World partners with the research organization GiveWell to identify the charities that save or improve the most lives for every dollar donated. We hold sessions such as Giving Games and Giving Lunches to educate about how not all giving is equal and what exactly makes a charity impactful. We then focus on outreach through our Student Ambassador program, encouraging students to pledge 1% of their future income to the most effective charities at ending extreme poverty.

In addition to the above, we also work on a variety of side projects. This includes the in-development chapter website that can be used for Penn as well as the seventy plus other One for the World chapters, the bonus round campaign with HQ that gathers the bonus round information of top financial firms to facilitate better donor outreach, and the alumni project that builds a network and community of past OFTW leaders and current donors.


Who We Are

We are a part of the Effective Altruism movement, which is a group of people using evidence and reasoning to determine how we can do the most good. One for the World is specifically focused on ending extreme poverty because it is a pressing and addressable concern: every day, 14,000 children under the age of 5 die from preventable, poverty-related causes. [1] The larger movement encompasses many other ideas, including animal welfare as well as addressing potential existential or catastrophic risks.

Check out philosopher Peter Singer's introduction to the "why and how of effective altruism" below!

Getting Involved

Fill out the following form to join our club and / or become a student ambassador: . You can indicate what your interests are there; our club is focused on student outreach and getting more people to take the pledge, but we also work on other side projects within the club that anybody is welcome to join. We’ll reach out to you soon after you fill out the form (within a few days), and if you decide to join, invite you to our team’s Slack, Google Drive, and other related materials.

You can also sign up for our listserv here, but the best way to be notified about upcoming events is on this Penn Clubs page and our social media pages (most events are on our Facebook page).

Points of Contact

Sanjana Patel
Head of Outreach


Most Recent
Question: How do you evaluate charities? Why are some highly effective? - Anonymous

We partner with an independent organization called GiveWell that evaluates these charities on the number of lives saved, or amount of positive health outcomes achieved, per every dollar invested. These are highly effective because they operate in very low-income developing communities (places where your money goes the farthest) and have a research-driven approach to saving and improving lives.

- Chris Elliott
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Question: How is OFTW running now that everything is online? - Rohil Sheth
Our workflow this semester looks like this: Speaker Series -> Giving Lunches -> 1-on-1 outreach. Our Student Ambassadors help drive attendance to speaker events (link to sign up below). These cover a wide variety of topics, including effective prison reforms research cited multiple times by BLM. Then, we follow up with people to attend Giving Lunches, where all participants are provided with $10 to donate to any charity in the OFTW portfolio. Finally, we'll convince people with 1-on-1 outreach to take the pledge in lieu of our normal tabling. Here's more info and the sign up for the speaker series/giving lunches:
- Rachel Wu
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How to Get Involved

Get involved with our chapter by filling out the "Join One for the World" form. You can also sign up for the pledge at!

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