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PAGE is a student group at Penn that promotes gender and social justice and serves as an umbrella group for a diverse range of constituent groups. PAGE hosts bi-weekly general body meetings for constituent groups, frequent events on gender equity, and a educational discusison group for freshmen in the fall. PAGE also advocates on behalf of constituents and the Penn community for gender equity to Penn administration.

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Question: Hi! Does PAGE have a listserv I can subscribe to? - Anonymous

Hi! Yes! Please fill out this form to subscribe:Ā 

- Chandni Shah
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Question: Hi! The link to the application for freshman fellows seem to not work. Could you re-link it here? - Anonymous

Hi! This link should work:

- Chandni Shah
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Question: Hello, are transfer students able to apply for freshmen fellows? - Sofia Sears
Hi! Yes, FF is a program for first years and transfer students!
- Claude-Ericka Ekobeni
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Question: Does PAGE advocate for gender equity outside the Penn community as well? - Anonymous
Hi! PAGE tends to focus on advocating Penn administration because we are a branch under the Penn Women's Center, but we do support some constituent groups who work with the Philly community, and we also try to bring in community members to our events and panels as well as support them in any way we can.
- Angela Yang
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How to Get Involved

This summer, PAGE will be hosting our second annual pre-orientation program for incoming first year students, PennGenEq. Applications open May 8th and are due June 20th. Details will be available May 8th here: Incoming first years interested in gender equity are encouraged to apply!

This fall, PAGE will be hosting First-Year Fellows (FF). With support from facilitators, first years and transfer students will be able to discuss their feminist experiences and analyze the meaning of inclusivity on small and large scales. The goal of FF is to not only educate but to also create a healing community among the fellows, their facilitators, and PAGE. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates!

Elections for PAGE board will happen in December and applications for GenEq Week will open in October. Anyone is welcome to run for a position! We also host events and GBMs that are open to all Penn students interested in gender equity.Ā 

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