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PAC is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania that inspires Penn students to overcome the impossible. It is one of the most dynamic, fastest growing, and visible student groups in the University. PAC offers students a hands-on project oriented experience and guides them towards aerospace technology innovation. 

The club is divided into four sub-teams: Rocketry, Balloon, Aircraft, and Operations. Each team strives to achieve excellence in its technical projects, collaborative work, and community events.

 As the primary aerospace-focused group on campus, PAC is comprised of the best aerospace talent Penn has to offer. We serve a wide audience, with over 70 members, and the club continues to grow every semester with new recruits.

We will be attending the SAC Fair on Wednesday January 27th from 8am-10am and 5pm-7pm!

Our application can be found here (

Feel free to reach out the individual team leads:

Aircraft: Anuj ( and Amelia (

Rocket: Victoria(, Sophia (, George (, and (

Balloon: Gaston (, Brianna (, and Kieran (



Question: Do you only take engineering students? - Anonymous
No! We take students of all backgrounds!
- Jacob Platin
Question: Do I need to have any previous experience in aerospace or engineering? - Anonymous
No! In fact, most of our students haven't done anything with aerospace before they joined the club. The most important quality for a potential new member is a willingness to dedicate themselves to the club.
- Jacob Platin
Question: What's the interview process like? Is it competitive? - Anonymous
The interview process varies based on which team(s) you apply to, but interviews tend to be non-technical and low-stress. We know many applicants don't have a high-level of technical knowledge in the discipline, so we specifically cater interviews to touch on other important areas such as dedication/passion, ability to learn new skills, and leadership. The interview process can be competitive depending on the year/team.
- Jacob Platin



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