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The University of Pennsylvania’s Arab Student Society’s (PASS) is a student-run organization geared towards fostering Arab culture and heritage on campus. PASS holds cultural and social events geared towards celebrating and sharing Arab culture with all members of the Penn community. Through our new PASS Big Little Program, virtual speaker events, and more virtual programming coming this semester, we hope to strengthen the Arab/Arab-interested community that we've built here at Penn.

To become a PASS member, all you have to do is attend our events and be active within the community; all backgrounds are welcome! Furthermore, each Spring, board applications open up; available positions will be VP of internal or external affairs, treasurer, community/alumni chair, chair of outreach, and social chair!

From PASS members:
"PASS is a haven for any Arab at Penn. In my opinion, it’s the best way to get involved with those who share an Arab background, whether it is by going to the events or by being a part of the board. Even if you aren’t Arab, it still is a great firsthand look at Arab culture as you would be surrounded by those who have been immersed in it since childhood." - Nassim Motya, Board member

"Being a part of PASS is great because it gives me a sense of community here on campus. There aren’t many Arab students to begin with, and really, there’s no specific resources or cultural centers designated to be ours, so having each other is very valuable. I love being able to relate our experiences and talk about difficulties that we face while celebrating aspects of our culture." - Mary Sadallah, General member


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Attend any of our events! Everyone is welcome!

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