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We are Penn's premier non-partisan group that seeks to promote political efficacy, awareness, and leadership in the AAPI community, as well as education relating to AAPI politics and culture to the broader Penn and Philadelphia community. Our political affinity group is centered around the three following goals: 1) Hosting speaker discussion series during General Board Meetings by bringing a range of AAPI community leaders to our meetings. 2) Hosting bi-monthly intimate conversation series at the Pan Asian American Community House (PAACH) led by Penn AAPI Politics members. 3) Community engagement between Penn AAPI students and AAPI political organizations and non-profits in Philly through sustained and consensual partnerships, built on trust and reciprocal relationships. For more information please visit our FB page @UPennAAPIPolitics or Instagram page @pennaapipolitics. You can also email Amira Chowdhury ( or Stephanie Hwang ( with any questions you might have. 




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Please email Amira Chowdhury ( or Stephanie Hwang ( to learn more about our inclusive group and how you can be involved!

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