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Penn Benjamins, student-run organization, is a peer counseling service for Penn undergraduates. Peer counselors, or "Bens," are trained using a CAPS-clinician-certified set of modules, preparing them to listen to and support students, and refer them to campus resources, if necessary. Our peer counseling is completely confidential and free. You can come to vent, chat, chill, play a video game, or all of the above! It is a safe space for everyone, so come join us, Sundays-Thursdays 8-11PM EST! Join us in Van Pelt in rooms 101.9 and 101.10 or on zoom: link here 

Points of Contact

Arianna Mejia
Brian Dinh


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29 Registered (20 - 50 Members)

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Spring Semester


How to Get Involved

Applications for Spring 2024 are now open.

Upon admission, trainees will undergo a semester 6 week long training in the spring. An assessment at the end of training is given to reaffirm each new member's peer counseling skills. Our new peer counselors are then able to join the rest of the members in providing Penn Benjamins' services to the Penn community the following semester after training.

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