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Life, if nothing else, is meant to be enjoyed. It is meant to be lived. At its core, that’s the point of Penn Bucket. We want every single Penn student to leave their four years with wonderful memories that have absolutely nothing to do with GSRs, textbooks, or midterms. And we know that’s hard. So we’re here to help. Are you ready to join us on our mission to add some flair to your life?

Seriously, the entire purpose of this club is to make sure Penn students experience the world around them and add some healthy fun into their lives. Every week, we'll go somewhere new - be it a restaurant, a tourist location, or something funky in between. We serve as a place to facilitate students checking items off of their "Penn Bucket Lists," and we'll maintain a running communal bucket list to allow students to expand their individual ones. Ultimately, Penn Bucket is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania serving as a platform to make sure students get the most out of being a Penn student and living in a city as incredible as Philadelphia, whether that be by doing events with us, or by using our platform to go on their own adventures. No strings attached; no interviews, no hazing, no obligations (except a Septa card 😄). 


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Head over to the website and add your email address! We'll reach out soon with more info :) Also, feel free to contact Jake ( directly with any questions you might have.

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