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Penn Dems

 About US

Regarded as the largest club on the University of Pennslyvania’s campus, Penn Democrats is a student-run Democratic organization open to all members of the Penn community. Our mission is to champion progressive causes and the Democratic Party at Penn & around Philadelphia and we are constantly inspired by leaders going against the status quo to bring about change.



Penn Dems is a space for all to feel welcome and included and take action against those who make others feel uncomfortable. Treating others with respect is a key value of Penn Democrats and we make it our mission to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Activities - Protests, Discussion, Political Candidates

Penn Democrats attract some of the most involved and energized students on Penn’s campus. We host phone banks, speakers, social events, discussions, panels and debates. Penn Democrats plays an important role in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania politics, endorsing progressive candidates for office and engaging critically with elected officials. Our Penn Democrats members partake in PILOTS, Fossil Free Penn, Education funding protests, as well as other issues prevalent within the city of Philadelphia. If you are looking for a place to get involved, the opportunities are endless within Penn Democrats. Come to our events if you are looking to engage in thoughtful and intellectually-stimulating debates about progressive issues with Democrats of all backgrounds.


Social Life

The Social Life within Penn Democrats is vibrant and dynamic. From barbeques, BYOs, dinners, Farmer’s Market Walks, game nights and so much more, there is a place for you within our social life!


If you want to learn more about Penn Democrats, please fill out the form at to join our listserv! OR join the groupme:


Points of Contact

Eliana Goluboff0Schragger
Nica Smith
Vice President


Most Recent
Question: Are you still doing virtual events this Fall? - Anonymous
Yes! The 2020 campaign doesn't rest. All of our events are completely virtual. We are hosting speakers (including some very exciting names), campaign surrogates, phone banks, and a virtual "DemCon" with some other College Democratic chapters. We also are offering a paid fellowship program. Any student, including first years, that is not on campus can still fully participate in the club.
- Owen Voutsinas-Klose
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How to Get Involved

Fill out the form at to join our listerve and learn about all our events. Anybody may join outside of usual recruitment times. All class years are welcome. ALSO, join our groupme: 

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