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***PIIC is not recruiting for the Spring of 2021. Please check back in the fall of 2021.

A Bit About PIIC

Penn International Impact Consulting is the oldest student-run consultancy at Penn providing pro-bono consulting services to NGOs and social entrepreneurs worldwide. We are composed of some of the brightest and most passionate globally-minded students from all four schools at the University of Pennsylvania.

PIIC is committed to empowering NGOs and social entrepreneurs in developing regions through meaningful work and international on-site engagements that make it unique to Penn’s community.


Our Work

Our consultants work with NGOs and social enterprises on a diverse set of projects and deliverables throughout the school year and at the NGO’s headquarters during the first month of summer. Our overall goal is to take what we’ve learned at Penn and during our unique training sessions to create sustainable and long-term social impact for our partners.

Since the founding of PIIC, we’ve made good on our mission to create long-lasting global change. We have visited more than 40 countries on every continent aside from Oceania and Antarctica. We have partnered with more than 70 NGOs with specialties ranging from peacebuilding, HIV transmission prevention, to rural development. We have had the pleasure of scoping, completing, and analyzing the impact of more than 85 unique onsite and offsite consulting engagements. To learn more about our past projects, check out our annual report or visit


Our Family

PIIC members have so much more than just a working relationship. We are a small, close-knit community where everyone knows each other. Over the course of the year, we plan several social events for the club as a whole in addition to any events your individual consulting team plans. Even in a virtual environment, PIIC is committed to building our community through regular GBMs, Zoom Socials, and much more:)

Also, the time you will spend with your consulting team, including the three-week on-site trip, is what makes PIIC a real family. Members in PIIC have found roommates, marathon partners, ice-skating instructors, and lifelong friends in each other!


Make an Impact

For the upcoming school year, you will have the opportunity to join PIIC’s 2020 Associate Consultant Class. We have members from all four schools and you need zero consulting or business experience to join us, we'll teach you everything you need to know! If you are somebody with a passion for social impact, who collaborates well in teams, and is genuinely curious about learning and growing through PIIC, there's a place for you!


More From Us

Check out our videos to learn more about PIIC Culture, Projects, Trips, and why you should join! 


Question: Is PIIC considering applications from junior students? - Anonymous
Yes! PIIC invites applications from students from all years
- Rishin Sharma
Question: What are the club fees (especially for the on-site trip)? - Anonymous
There are no fees to join PIIC! As for on-site trips, most PIIC members apply for grants from the University that cover all travel expenses.
- Rishin Sharma
Question: What if I don’t know anything about consulting? - Anonymous
We teach you! Throughout the year, we host training sessions with our AC Cohort where you learn how to build consulting pitch decks, advanced Microsoft Excel, financial modeling, and much more. What we are looking for is somebody with a dedication to social impact, who collaborates well in teams and is genuinely curious about learning and growing through PIIC
- Rishin Sharma
Question: What makes PIIC different from other consulting clubs? - Anonymous
We work with some of the largest NGOs worldwide and get to work closely with founders, CEOs, and executive-level employees who inspire our work We are the only undergraduate organization with international on-site engagements, we tangibly get to implement our projects, see our impact, and travel together We are a small, close-knit organization of 40 students where everyone knows each other and the perfect place for finding lifelong friendships, mentorships, and experiences
- Rishin Sharma
Question: I'm an incoming graduate student (SP2/NPL) and I would love to be part of this club. Are you currently accepting new members? - Shamichael Hallman
Our consultants are all undergrads. However, I encourage you to check out WGIC (Wharton Global Impact Consultants) as they do similar work with graduate students! Alternatively, PIIC has a few Graduate/MBA students who serve as advisors for our teams. You would not have to go through the formal application process but reach out separately to us via our FB page or email.
- Ella Schuster
Question: What is your mission beyond serving your clients? - Anonymous
PIIC's mission is to create long-lasting global change through on-site and off-site consulting engagements with NGO partners across the globe and raising student awareness on the importance of international development and social impact’s role in the professional world. To learn more about our founding, values, and impact, visit for more!
- Rishin Sharma
Question: What kind of NGOs have you guys worked on? - Anonymous
We have partnered with more than 70 NGOs with specialties ranging from peacebuilding, HIV transmission prevention, to rural development. Visit here to see more of what we have worked on
- Rishin Sharma
Question: Will you all be at the SAC Fair for all three nights (Sept. 1-3), or just Sept. 1? - Caroline Culmo
We will be at the SAC Fair on September 1 only (that's the day assigned to pre-professional clubs), but if you miss us, you can still join us at Wharton Clubbing Nights on September 4 and September 5. Check out our events tab for more!
- Rishin Sharma
Question: What are the average fees for the on-site trips? - Anonymous
Costs vary based on the specific location and duration of each trip. Prior to team selection, PIIC provides detailed financial estimates for each on-site trip to allow members to make informed choices. PIIC also recommends numerous grants and other sources of funding to all members to alleviate financial strain. Additionally, members can elect an off-site team
- Ella Schuster



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How to Get Involved

We will be recruiting an incoming cohort of Associate Consultants and students from all schools and majors are welcome to apply! Be sure to like our Facebook page and visit for all the info on the 2020 Recruiting Cycle including our events, video testimonials, projects, interview tips, and much more. Also, be sure to hit the bookmark and bell on the top right of this page to be added to our listserv to stay up to date with our upcoming events and recruiting cycle. Learn about how you can make an impact, build professional skills, discover career opportunities, and become a part of the PIIC family🌏

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