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If you are curious about how the brain functions and how you can pursue a career in neuroscience or any related field, Neuroscience Society, a student organization at the University of Pennsylvania, is the perfect place for you! Join us for discussions, lectures, and workshops given by some of the world’s most prominent neurologists and neurosurgeons from the University.

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Neuroscience Society strives to provide a forum of discussion for today’s rapidly developing field of neuroscience. We seek to bring together undergraduate and graduate students who share an avid interest in learning about the human brain and nervous system, potential academic and clinical careers in the field of neuroscience, and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

As a club, we work towards developing a community of shared passion and support, making sure that our meetings produce a light, welcoming atmosphere while continuing to be academic. Our members also prioritize collaboration while seeking new opportunities of learning, whether it be through discussing articles in our Research Committee, ending in our yearly Research Committee Expo; investigating the intersection of neuroscience and business in our Consulting Committee; or contributing to our very own Neuroscience Society Journal under the Journal Committee. We want to share our love of neuroscience with both Penn’s campus and the greater Philadelphia community, and we invite you to join us in our mission!

Points of Contact

Susan Shin
Co-President - Finance/Fundraising + Marketing
Trisha Bheemanathini
Co-President - Consulting + External Events


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Question: Hi! Do you have spring semester recruiting? - Alejandra Lozada

We are open to all new members this semester! We require general body members to attend all semester GBMs (about 4), and recommend attendance at our various speaker events, physician shadowing, and other activities. Our committee applications are now also open for this semester. For weekly newsletters on upcoming events, please join our listserv with this link:

- Carlie Zhang
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Question: Has the schedule for Research Committee been made on when meetings will be held or will that be decided after the team has been chosen? I really want to apply but I don't know if it will work with my schedule depending on when meetings are held. - Anonymous

You should definitely apply! RC's meeting times will be decided after we've selected the group & coordinated with everyone's availability.

- Ali Hamandi
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Question: Will PNS be having the Physician shadowing committee this fall and if so are members able to apply to 2 committees (i.e applying to both physician shadowing and research committees) or are we only allowed to apply to 1? - Anonymous

Members are welcome to apply to more than one committee! We no longer have a separate Physician shadowing committee, but still hold physician shadowing and speaker events frequently. If you are interested in joining a committee, you are welcome to apply to our three committees: research, journal, and consulting!

- Carlie Zhang
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Question: I am an online student. Will I be able to attend meetings virtually? - Courtney Mitchell

Please send us an email; we would be more than willing to find ways to accomodate for you! Thanks!

- Carlie Zhang
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Question: Hey guys! What is the difference between BBB Society and Penn Neuroscience Society? I am interested in majoring in neuroscience, and was wondering how you support students on this track. Thanks! - Anonymous

Hi! The BBB society focuses on informing students of ongoing events and programs relating to the Biological Basis of Behavior and is not affiliated with PNS. Here is more information about BBB society:

Penn Neurosience Society (PNS) is a student club that hosts different events and initiatives for students from all backgrounds who are interested in neuroscience. Our main goal is to provide a community for students who are interested in the field of neuroscience by connecting them with other students with similar interests, which has been greately benefitial to students as they navigate their undergrad path and choosing between different majors. Our events include speaker events, GBMs, and initiatives from our journal, physician shadowing and research committees. Having these different events and committees allows PNS to show students the different ways that they can explore careers in neuroscience by listening from different guest speakers and participating in activities related to medicine, research and more. For more information about our events, feel free to check out our website tab "ways to get involved" our reach out to us if you have any more questions!

- Alejandra Bahena
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Question: Are there going to be in-person events this fall semester? - Anonymous

We will be following the university's policies throughout the semester regarding in-person events for student organizations.

- Ronit Patel
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Question: Hello! What's the best way to get involved in PNS? Are there applications, and if so, when do they open up? Thank you so much! - Anonymous

Hi! Penn Neuroscience Society does not require any applications to be a part of the club, we're open to anyone interested! Our committees: Journal, Consulting, and Research are currently open for application. You can attend our GBMS as a general member, and we also host physician shadowing and speaker events. Let me know if you have any more questions about our club!

Feel free to check out our website tab "ways to get involved" and join our listserv to learn more about the committees and deadlines whenevere they become availiable!

- Carlie Zhang
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Question: Hi! I am having trouble joining the Zoom session; however, I was wondering if you had a first GBM set up so far or if students interested in joining should keep an eye out on the listserv? Thank you so much! -

The listserv will have links to all of our events and programs coming up, including information on applying to our three committees, info sessions, GBMS, and speaker events! Signing up for that will give you access to all the upcoming events. Our slides from the presentation will be posted soon as well!

- Carlie Zhang
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How to Get Involved

Neuroscience Society is an extremely welcoming and warm-hearted group of individuals, hosting many opportunities to get involved with neuroscience. New members can join and get involved beginning with our listserv, which you can join from this page! We offer three committees members can apply for: Journal, Research, and Consulting. Otherwise, you are welcome to join us at our general board meetings, speaker events, and physician shadowing events. Feel free to email us for more information or if you have any questions!

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