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If you are curious about how the brain functions and how you can pursue a career in neuroscience, Penn Neuroscience Society is the perfect place for you! Join us for discussions, lectures, and workshops given by some of the world’s most prominent neurologists and neurosurgeons from the University of Pennsylvania.

Penn Neuroscience Society strives to provide a forum of discussion for today’s rapidly developing field of neuroscience. We seek to bring together undergraduate and graduate students who share an avid interest in learning about the human brain and nervous system, potential academic and clinical careers in the field of neuroscience, and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. We want to share our love of neuroscience with both Penn’s campus and the greater Philadelphia community, and we invite you to join us in our mission!


Question: Hi! I am having trouble joining the Zoom session; however, I was wondering if you had a first GBM set up so far or if students interested in joining should keep an eye out on the listserv? Thank you so much! - Isabella Sobejano
The listserv will have links to all of our events and programs coming up, including coffee chats, mentor/mentee pairing, and research committee! Signing up for that will give you access to all the upcoming events. Our slides from the presentation will be posted soon as well!
- Hiba Hamid



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