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Penn Quakers Venture Club is student-run entrepreneurship and venture capital student organization affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, which opens to all current students in the Penn community. Penn Quakers Venture Club focuses on knowledge-based training of venture capital and private equity, a series of investment-related seminars/workshops from alumni and mentors, campus idea pitch day, and implementing industry insight research and investment analysis report.

Our Vision: 

Penn Quakers Venture Club serves students and alumni interested in startups and venture capital by acting as a hub for our members to connect, collaborate, and innovate. By building a professional network and a community of current students and alumni, we provide students with the skills, resources, and relationships to become leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our Mission: 

We seek to demystify and encourage active, informed, and meaningful participation in startups and venture capital among Penn students.


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How to Get Involved

Penn Quakers Venture Club recruits twice a year. The application receiving starts from the first two weeks of each spring and fall semester. All prospective students interested in participating are required to submit a professional resume to apply and participate in the interview. After careful consideration from the interview, admitted students would receive a letter of acceptance from Penn Quakers Venture Club and be informed of the rights and interests of the membership.

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