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Spark is a student community of designers and developers at Penn who work together on teams to build both passion and client projects. Our members work on web development, mobile apps, UI/UX design, and a variety of other creative initiatives. Our projects give our members the whole experience of software development - our belief and focus on creating beautiful designs and implementing them through strong programming principles brings out the best in our projects and in our members.

We specialize in being open to all experience levels, from all majors and all schools – we highly encourage anyone with a remote interest in coding or design to apply!

Our organization is split into two divisions, Blue and Red:

Blue: Our beginner-friendly branch. Members complete a 10-week bootcamp in either the design or development tracks before working in teams the following semester to build out a final creative project!

Red: Our experienced branch. Members work on more technically challenging projects, working directly with clients and non-profits over a 10-week period. Some past clients include Gaia, Clarifi, Counselab, and CommonCents.

Learn more about us on our website! 


Most Recent
Question: Hi there! For the Red Team application, can we submit a personal project that we worked on before or earlier in the year, an updated version of it, or do we have to create a new project from scratch? - Anonymous

Hi! We ask that you create a new project from scratch out of fairness for all applicants!

- Janice Kim
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Question: Hi! Do you also accept graduate students, in particular, MCIT Online students? - Anonymous

Hi! We do take a limited number of graduate students!

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Question: Hello! Will you be accepting new members for spring of 2022? - Anonymous

We are tentatively accepting only Red Members in the Spring! Please lookout for our recruitment details in the Spring to find out more!

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Question: HI! will you be accepting new members for fall 2022? - Anonymous

Yep! We're holding a GIM on Tuesday, September 6th, and our applications can be found on our website at

- Andrew Jiang
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Question: What kind of technical experience or project background should I have to apply? - Anonymous

Penn Spark actually has two branches-- a Spark Blue branch focused on education for less-experienced members and a Spark Red branch focused on developing creative/client projects. For Spark Blue, anyone is welcome to apply! All we ask is that you have a genuine desire to learn and an interest in technology/design/development. For Spark Red, if you're a developer, we'd prefer you have some experience working with web development and using tech stacks like React/Django; if you're a designer, we'd prefer you have experience working with Figma and making mock-ups/designing websites and programs. 

- Andrew Jiang
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Basic Info

46 Registered (20 - 50 Members)

Not Currently Accepting Members

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Both Semesters


How to Get Involved

We are currently accepting blue and red members for Fall 2023! Find our applications at and keep up with us by subscribing to our mailing list at!

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