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A student-run organization founded as part of Penn's involvement in New America's Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN), PIT@Penn aims to facilitate discourse between Penn students and engineers, scientists, technologists, and policy leaders. As part of the university-wide initiative, the organization hopes to draw students toward research and career opportunities in the public interest technology sector. Last fall, we hosted a biology-themed fireside chat and a skill share on scholarly writing and civid tech! Look out for similar programming in the spring! Learn more about PIT-UN here: https://www.newamerica.org/public-interest-technology/university-network/

PIT@Penn website: https://pitatpenn.wordpress.com


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Question: Do you have any virtual meetings or events? I think a lot of the MCIT Online students would be very interested in this organization. - Anonymous

Thanks for the question! If you or anyone you know is interested in joining PIT@Penn, we will have our recruitment information go public in the next few days. We plan to hold an info session at some point; follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our listserv for the most up to date information on recruitment and future events we will be hosting!

UPDATE: We will have an info session on January 31st at 6pm, and will also be available to talk at the upcomng SAC fair. Applications will close on February 7th. All details can be found in the tab to the right of this page!

- Nathan Chen
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How to Get Involved

Currently recruiting for the leadership team and general membership.

We will be accepting applications until (roughly) midnight of Sunday September 18! Link here! 

There will be a virtual info session on Wednesday 14 September at 7pm over Zoom. Link here! 

If you are simply interested in joining our list serv, fill out this form!

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