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Project HEAL - Penn Chapter is a student group committed to eating disorder awareness and fundraising to break down systemic, healthcare, and financial barriers to eating disorder treatment. Project HEAL also works to confront stereotypes around eating disorders and who they impact.  

Project HEAL: Help to Eat, Accept and Live is the largest nonprofit in the U.S. delivering prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support for people suffering from eating disorders.

We meet biweekly and share informative presentations, host meaningful discussions, and foster a supportive space. 


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Question: do you need to have prior experience in the club to hold a board position? - Anonymous
Hi! Yes, you need to have been in the club to hold a board position. Board members are chosen based on how dedicated and passionate they are about the work we do and the initiative they demonstrate. Please lmk if you have any other questions!
- Sophia Glinski
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Email me at or message us on Instagram! Any and all are welcome! No application necessary! 

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