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We are a welcoming, diverse, and open student group promoting a rigorous and quantitative understanding of and engagement with financial markets. We offer training workshops and networking opportunities and provide a simulated environment for trading.

Members of our Market Research, Strategy Research, and Graduate Student advanced teams deepen their skills while nurturing and broadening the talents of our incoming Development Team members, such that we have a continuous and robust pipeline of talent.

Our Development Team application is open in September and our Advanced Team application is open during September and January.

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⭕ Advanced Team and Development Team applications will reopen in September 2022





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Question: Will the club be accepting new members for the Spring 2022 term? - Anonymous

Thank you for your interest! Yes - we are open to new members this spring, as follows:

For PQTC Development Team members with regular attendance during the Fall 2021 season: please email Matt Burke at to learn more about the Advanced Team streamlined application process. 

All others : we will be accepting a limited number of new applicants to our three Advanced Teams (i.e., Strategy, Markets, Graduate Students). More info to follow soon, but if you are eager to start the process, feel free to send us an email expressing your interest along with a pdf copy of your resume to

For those interested in joining our Development Team: our Dev Team is open to all and will reopen in the Fall of 2022.

Questions? Feel free to email us at

- Matthew Burke
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Question: Can exchange students join the club - Anonymous

Yes exchange students are welcome to join as along as the you are comfortable with the time commitments.

- Sihan Ye
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Question: Are applications open to students who are new to quant and want to learn? - Anonymous

Yes, applications are open to all students who are interested.

- Matthew Burke
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Question: How many hours a week are required of an undergrad member? Just seeing if I can balance - Anonymous
Market Research 1-2 hours, Strategy Research 2-4 hours
- William Chen
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Question: Are graduate students allowed to join? - Anonymous

Sure! Grad students are welcome!

- Matthew Burke
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We will reopen our application in September 2022.

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