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QSA is a student-run group at Penn that strives to provide support and social spaces for gender and sexual minorities on campus. This takes the form of social events and advocacy in collaboration with the LGBT Center and Lambda Alliance.

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Massimo Pensabene


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Question: how often do you meet? - Anonymous

Hi! Our board meets twice monthly, and we host roughly 1-2 community-wide events per month. -Isabella (Chair)

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Question: Is this group for all students or just undergraduates? - Anonymous
Hi, this club is for undergraduates only but there are various graduate groups as well! Most of those clubs are by school, you can find a list of them here: https://www.vpul.upenn.edu/lgbtc/files/Grad_Student_Organizations.docx
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Sign up for our listserv or contact us directly via pennqsa.wixsite.com/pennqsa/contact for updates on events and membership.

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