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We are the college fellowship of Renewal Presbyterian Church on Penn's campus. We are a Christ-centered community, and we hope that through our ministry, you can have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, learn and experience the power of the Gospel, and be a part of God's great commission in this city.

We invite you to join our Sunday services, large group college meetings on Fridays, and weekly community group meetings where we study God's word. Our fellowship also goes beyond these programs as we walk life with one another, pointing each other to Christ, in discipleship with one another, and living our lives as college students in faith. All are welcome to come and see if RCF can be a place you call your spiritual home!



  • Sunday Service: 10:30 am at 4633 Cedar Avenue
  • Friday Large Group Meetings: 7:30 pm at 4633 Cedar Avenue
  • Community Group Meetings: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays (on a day that suits you) at 7:30 pm


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Question: How do you feel tight-knit/comfortable in a fellowship with 50-100 members? - Anonymous

No one is best friends with everyone, but we'll never hesitate to support and hang out with each other. That said, the friendships here are many, deep, and rooted in our shared identity as siblings in Christ. I'm a complete introvert; when first joining, I felt intimidated but quickly welcomed and loved by the many members. You'll find your place and people here!

- Robert Yu
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Question: How often do you meet? - Anonymous

Hi! We have three weekly meeting types: community group (CG), large group (LG), and Sunday service. All three are typically around 2 hours long, but many of us like to hang out after as well. CGs are smaller bodies within RCF that gather for Bible study and fellowship either on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (based on your availablility). LG meetings are RCF-wide worship nights led by our Pastor on Fridays. Sunday service is at 10:30am at Renewal Presbyterian Church in West Philly. You can attend as your schedule and spiritual needs see fit!

- Dorothy Tan
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Question: What is Galashines? - Anonymous

Galashines is the name of one of the community groups (CGs) here at RCF (it's a pun on the book of Galatians)! A community group is a smaller body of members within Penn RCF that meet weekly to hold Bible studies and other fun events. Feel free to reach out to us or ask any more questions by sending us a message on Facebook!

- Joseph Lee
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Question: Is Renewal PCA or PCUSA affiliated? Thanks! - Anonymous
Hi! Renewal is part of the PCA denomination. You can find more info on our website at:
- Shawn Kim
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