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The University of Pennsylvania Student Federal Credit Union (SFCU) is an approximately $7 million credit union that is completely run by Penn students of all backgrounds. It is the first and only student-run credit union in the Ivy League, serving Penn students, alumni, and families since its founding in 1987. For over 33 years, we have been providing the larger Penn community with secure, efficient, and convenient financial services.


The SFCU provides the opportunity to gain unprecedented, real-world experience and to join a tight-knit community of over 100 employees. As a professional financial services institution, the SFCU helps students develop important professional skills applicable to all fields and career paths.

We know that it is easy to feel intimidated and lost in a large club, so we are constantly organizing social events to build community, such as game nights, cohort socials, and semesterly semi-formals (pre-COVID, of course). As a new member of the SFCU, you will be sorted into a cohort, where you will have the opportunity to form closer connections with your fellow tellers and club leaders. You will also be matched with a current employee through our mentor-mentee program.


The SFCU is composed of 4 core committees and 6 non-core committees, which you can join after your first semester as a teller.

Core committees

- Credit: The Credit Committee deals with the lending side of the SFCU by underwriting and disbursing unsecured loans, deferred loans, auto loans, and credit builders to members.

- General Ledger: The General Ledger Committee ensures that the SFCU internal accounting matches the external accounting and processes transfers and exceptions.

- Operations: The Operations Committee handles the day-to-day functions of the SFCU, such as resolving debit card issues, communicating with clients, and implementing new services.

- Supervisory: The Supervisory Committee ensures that the SFCU is complying with federal policy, conducts audits, and manages risk.

Non-core committees

- Human Resources: The Human Resources Committee is dedicated to building community and ensuring employee well-being. We organize social events, check-ins with current employees, and are heavily involved in the teller recruitment process.

- Information Systems: The Information Systems Committee maintains the website, enhances the online banking experience, and troubleshoots any difficulties that members encounter. Some projects that we work on include website redesign and customer analytics.

- Internal Controls: The Internal Controls Committee conducts reconciliations and functions as an additional check on SFCU activities.

- Investments: The Investments Committee manages the $7 million portfolio and focuses on fixed income investing. We analyze the current market trends, research securities, and share macroeconomic updates with members.

- Marketing: The Marketing Committee creates all promotional materials for the SFCU that appear on social media and through email. We also develop partnerships with businesses in the University City and Philadelphia area, such as The Radian, Ben & Jerry’s, and La Tao Hotpot to provide discounts to our members.

- Strategic Initiatives: The Strategic Initiatives Group handles any projects that employees believe would benefit the SFCU as a whole.


New members of the SFCU will participate in the Teller Experience, an 8-week rotational program through the 4 core committees. During this program, you will get to shadow current SFCU employees, acquire in-depth financial knowledge, and have the opportunity to engage in case studies and learn about investments, loan underwriting, regulatory compliance, and more. You will also participate in a Teller Project to put forth new initiatives for the credit union. Past projects have included developing a secured credit card, creating new account types, and increasing outreach to alumni.


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Question: How much time should an incoming member expect to reserve per week? - Anonymous
The expected time commitment for new tellers is about 5 hours a week! This includes time spent for weekly teller meetings, committee rotations, and teller project meetings.
- Shreya Naraparaju
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Question: Are there leadership opportunities for new members? - Anonymous
Of course! There are often opportunities to apply directly into a non-core committee as a first semester teller in order to take on more SFCU responsibilities. Additionally, there are two special positions on our Board of Directors that are strictly open to tellers that have completed their first semester with the SFCU!
- Jasmine Sun
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Question: Can I join more than one committee? - Anonymous
Absolutely! You can join committees once you are promoted from your role as teller! Many of our members join one or more non-core committees in addition to their one core committee (which is required).
- Jasmine Sun
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Question: How will the first semester teller experience be run virtually? - Anonymous
We have actually revamped the teller experience due to the new virtual format! Now, tellers are divided into cohorts with which they complete challenges, have weekly (social) cohort meetings, and rotate through the four core committees. Specifically, the rotations will allow tellers to shadow committee members in order to both learn and implement the committee’s roles and responsibilities. Tellers will also have the opportunity to collaborate on projects that immediately and directly improve the SFCU.
- Jasmine Sun
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Question: Will it be more difficult to join the SFCU if I’m not in Wharton? - Anonymous
Definitely not! Our different committees require people of diverse backgrounds and interests—from technology to investing to marketing—to contribute meaningfully, so we accept students across all four schools. We primarily look for strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills as well as interests in gaining real-world financial experience and making tangible impacts in the application process.
- Jasmine Sun
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Question: What if I don’t know anything about credit unions or have finance-related experiences? - Anonymous
No prior knowledge or experience is needed because we’ll teach you! In fact, most tellers enter with limited or no knowledge of credit unions and finance. This is why the first semester teller programming exists. With your fellow tellers, you will be able to learn and practice the behind-the-scenes work for running a successful financial institution. By the end of the semester, you’ll have both enhanced your financial knowledge and become prepared to directly serve our members from your committee!
- Jasmine Sun
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Question: What exactly is the SFCU and how is it different from other finance clubs? - Anonymous
The SFCU is a fully student-run credit union that serves real people from the Penn community. Unlike other clubs, the SFCU can provide you with real experience in running a business as only a freshman or sophomore in college. Through our four core committees and six non-core committees, you have an unparalleled opportunity to understand the breadth of operating a financial institution and make impactful contributions for our members. In addition to gaining broad knowledge in financial services, if you are interested, you will have the opportunity to develop skills in marketing, operations, risk management, analytics, etc.
- Jasmine Sun
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How to Get Involved

We recruit at the beginning of every semester. All new hires at the SFCU complete one semester interning as a teller before moving onto one of our core-committees and optional non-core committees. Our internship program offers unprecedented real-world experience and exposure to the financial services industry.

For updates on our recruiting timeline, virtual information sessions, and application deadlines, please fill out our interest form at


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