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The Penn Epistle is a Christian journal dedicated to sharing and echoing the words of Christ's followers. We encourage and accept all Christian students from diverse backgrounds to share their testimonies, emotions, beliefs, and experiences about their journeys and what it means to be Christian. This organization hopes to become a vessel for the Lord's words in order to comfort, support, and inspire believers and nonbelievers to pursue and deepen their faith.

The name Penn Epistle was kindled by the Pauline Epistles, the thirteen books of the New Testament written by Paul the Apostle, which have become the most well-known articulations of Christian theology and ethics. As Paul put pen to paper and wrote letters to encourage and challenge the body of Christ, we now seek to do the same with your writings and publications. We also seek to spread the good news of the Gospel to our classmates and peers on this campus!

We publish in print twice annually, once in the winter with our zine, The In-Between, and once in the fall with our full-length magazine! Otherwise, we post multiple articles a month on our blog and create video and podcast content.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join this community and write for the Penn Epistle!

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