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Spring 2021 Recruitment Promo 

Launched in 2006, The WALK Magazine is the University of Pennsylvania’s premier and completely student-run fashion publication and community. In 2010, was launched as a sister to the print edition, providing Penn with its widely-demanded fashion fix year round. As an organization, The WALK strives to explore the interdisciplinary field of fashion through its diverse and talented staff members. We at The WALK hope to not only cultivate a passionate community of creative thinkers but to universalize the powerful force of fashion—within and outside of Penn. We hope that, through our commitment to innovative thinking, we can inspire you to discover the wonderful world that is fashion. Sign up for our Listserv here!

Our 150+ member community is organized through the following departments, and we hope you'll consider joining our vibrant team!

  • Editorial (Print)
  • Website
  • Art & Design (Layout)
  • Creative (Styling & Beauty)
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Social Media


Question: How can I apply to The WALK? - Anonymous
The WALK recruits new members to all of its departments through an application process. Stay tuned here for more details on our Fall GBM (coming later this month in addition to the SAC Fair) and where to apply.
- Anna Jellinek
Question: What kind of roles are there in the WALK? - Anonymous
The WALK has members in a wide variety of roles across our different departments. We have staff writers for our print and digital publications, photographers, fashion and beauty stylists, and designers who put together our fall and spring issues. We also have a teams who manage our finance, social media, marketing, and operations functions! We recruit for these roles in both the fall and spring, depending on team capacity. Stay tuned for more!
- Anna Jellinek
Question: Are there any other platforms I can follow The WALK Magazine on? - Anonymous
Yes! We encourage you to check out our website and our issuu page ( You can also follow us on Instagram @thewalkmag and like The WALK Magazine on Facebook. We can't wait to connect with you!
- Anna Jellinek
Question: Where can I access past issues? - Anonymous
You can access past issues of The WALK are available on issuu here:
- Anna Jellinek
Question: Do I need to apply to be a part of The WALK? - Anonymous
Yes, all new members are asked to apply to a specific department within The WALK and can hold up to two positions across our various departments. We recruit in the fall and spring - stay tuned for our Fall 2020 recruitment, which will begin mid-September!
- Anna Jellinek
Question: Does The WALK have a listserv? - Anonymous
Yes we do! Sign up here:
- Grace Wu
Question: When is the Fall GBM? Where can I find the application? - Anonymous
Our fall GBM will be on Tuesday, September 15th! More details to follow, so stay tuned. Subscribe to this page to make sure you're in the loop!
- Anna Jellinek
Question: Is there somewhere else where we can find the information about joining The WALK if we can't attend the Fall GBM on Tuesday? - Anonymous
We'll share the presentation slides via our listserv along with the applications following the session tomorrow night, so make sure you're signed up! If you have any questions afterwards, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
- Anna Jellinek
Question: Is there a recorded video if we missed the info session and is there an update on the application? - Anonymous
Stay tuned for a video presentation to go along with our Spring 2021 info session! We should have that available by EOD tomorrow.
- Anna Jellinek


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Web Editorial Director
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Editorial Director
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Chelsea Cheng
Art Director
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