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Providing a second home to Chinese international students at Penn :)

About Us

Wharton China Association (WCA) is a student-initiated organization that seeks to connect the Penn community to the vibrant cultural and business development in China. 

Founded in 2004, WCA has emerged into a unique club that promotes business opportunities and cultural immersion as our two basic agendas. It is consisted of four sub-divisions: the arts and entertainment division, the professional development division, the marketing division and the finance division. The arts and entertainment division's primary responsibility is to promote an understanding of Chinese culture on campus. In order to achieve its aim, the arts and entertainment division organizes year-round activities including the annual performance night, workshops, film screening and speaker events. The professional development division's primary responsibility is to bring business opportunities in China to Penn students, through summer immersions, internship opportunities and long-term career offers. The professional development division has organized a variety of events, including career panels, private networking events and conferences throughout the semester. The marketing division creates designs for WCA's various event and lead its own creative projects. The finance division works with our sponsors and facilitates the budgeting and allocating of money.




Jiawei Yu
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Xiaoni Chen
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Chuning Yuan
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Finance Vice President
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