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We focus on building a close-knit, inclusive, and diverse pre-professional community for queer students at the University of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide professional aid and support for LGBTQ+ undergraduates through various programs including social events, mentoring, case competitions, targeted recruiting, and informational workshops. With our numerous corporate partnerships, we strive to offer our members unique opportunities to network and engage in the world of business.

Points of Contact

Laura Brodkey
Zach Koung


Most Recent
Question: Do applications from last semester carry over bc the club was not accepting last semester, or do we need to reapply? - Anonymous

Hi! If you're interested in carrying over your application from last semester, that's not a problem! Just email wharton.alliance@gmail.com with your name and we can email you your responses to get confirmation that you don't want any changes :) 

- Tana Cuturela
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Question: Is Wharton Alliance taking members during fall 2021? - Anonymous

Yes! We're currently accepting members across all schools :) 

- Regan Mizrahi
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Question: Is this club open to LGBT students who aren't in Wharton? - Anonymous
Yes, the club is open to all Penn undergrads across all 4 schools!
- Regan Mizrahi
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Basic Info

34 Registered (50 - 100 Members)

Not Currently Accepting Members

Application Required

Both Semesters


How to Get Involved

To learn more about Wharton Alliance and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events, visit our website (http://www.thewhartonalliance.com/) and join our listserv by filling out this interest form. Our application is officially live on PennClubs and closes on Sunday 1/29. At our upcoming information session at 7pm on January 25th in JMHH (room tbd), we will talk through the different types of membership and/or committees that you can apply for. In brief, there are two types of members: general body members and committee members. General body members attend our biweekly GBMs and are highly encouraged to participate in any of our club-wide social, informational, and corporate recruiting events. Committee members attend weekly meetings and periodic social events for their commitee (i.e. Case Competition, Internal, Corporate Relations, Operations, and Diversity & Inclusion) as well as biweekly GBMs and club-wide events. If you have any questions about our organization or the application process, feel free to contact us by sending an email to wharton.alliance@gmail.com

Take a look at our recruitment timeline!  

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