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Starting from an initial cohort of 233 in 2013, today, Wharton Guiding Undergraduates In Development & Education (GUIDE) is a Wharton Undergraduate Division sponsored organization at Penn with over 1,200 members and is the largest MBA-Undergraduate student group at Wharton.

We are predominantly known for our MBA Mentorship program, matching Juniors and Seniors with MBAs for mutual learning and mentorship.

Mission: GUIDE empowers undergraduates with opportunities that expand their perspectives, foster a sense of community, and challenge them to grow.

Purpose: To guide undergraduates in their personal development and educational endeavors through their time at Wharton and beyond.

Vision: To foster a community of leaders, ready to make their mark on the world.


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Question: Will the Ace the Case Workshop be recorded for those who cannot attend the event synchronously? - Anonymous
The workshop content will be available on Facebook Live for one week after the session.
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Question: Can Non-Wharton students join the club and get the same benefits? - Anonymous
Hi there, as a division sponsored organization, we operate on the same level as Wharton Council and Wharton Cohorts so our program offerings for non-Wharton students is limited. Our events are open to all undergrads, however, for the most part, our marketing and outreach efforts are primarily towards Wharton students. After our initial match round (~Late September), we may be able to evaluate our mentor availability and provide a match or referral to non-Wharton students.
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Question: Do you connect juniors or seniors with MBAs? - Anonymous
Yes, we do. If you are a Wharton junior or senior, matches are guaranteed. Please check your email in the coming weeks from the Wharton Undergraduate Division for a survey to indicate your preferences for a MBA mentor.
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Question: Do you match freshmen or sophomores with MBAs? - Anonymous
No. After conducting a number of pilots matching underclassmen with MBAs over the years, we have determined that the benefit to either group is marginal. We encourage freshman to apply for an upperclassman mentor through Wharton Cohorts and sophomores to apply for an alumni mentor through SAMP.
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Lauren Arribas
Senior Director of Career Development
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Andrea Gonzalez Villicana
Vice President
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Diego Cardenas
Director of Data Analytics
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Pablo Marin
Director of Operations
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How to Get Involved

Freshman & Sophomore - Apply to one of our open positions! Lead high impact initiatives that will shape the Wharton community and future of GUIDE.

Juniors & Seniors - Match with a mentor! Have a guide be there for you as you begin to enter the professional world.

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