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The First ESG innovation-driven club at the University of Pennsylvania that elevates training opportunities and career accessibility and exposure to multiple verticals, such as ESG financing solutions, socially innovative ventures, and cutting-edge ESG tech and media creations. 

PIN claims innovative global ESG majors as its corporate sponsors and partners. Exclusive corporate sponsors include Siemens, Bose and MSCI. Corporate partners include industry-leading Soros Fund Management, Point72 Asset Management and Paramount Global, with more to come.

PIN executive board comprises of graduate and undergraduate talents hailing from the College, SEAS and Wharton. They bring professional experiences at Soros, McKinsey, BCG, Oracle, SAP, NASA, AstraZeneca, Tishman Speyer, MSCI, etc., and are passionate about a future convergence of tech and finance sharing common ESG values. Via a triumvirate 3-club model with Google DSC@Penn and Dell Women Entrepreneur Network@Penn, PIN aims to create value-accretive, win-win-win propositions for members, sponsors and Penn.

Criteria for membership are genuine zeal for ESG tech/finance and social innovation, and demonstrated academic interests in relevant fields. PIN welcomes both undergraduate and graduate students to our membership. Recruiting for executive board positions will commence January 2023.


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Question: When are apps rolling out for this upcoming semester? - Anonymous

For general membership, automatically join by hitting "subscribe" on Penn Clubs. All leadership positions are filled for Fall 2022, but applications for additional leadership roles will open next semester in January 2023. If you missed us at the Fall Activities Fair, Gradfest and GBM, shoot us an email with any questions.

- Sapphira Ching
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Question: How does PIN help career-oriented members find meaningful opportunities? Is this relevant to first year undergraduates? - Anonymous

Yes, everyone at Penn especially first years are welcome! We have many training, mentorship, and career opportunities to welcome new undergrad members from the Class of 2026 and all graduate members. In fact, some PINners, through PIN, completed very meaningful internships this past summer at globally reputable financial services institutions with ESG products focus! 

PIN intends to help career-oriented members connect with global majors in the finance, tech and media space in the most rewarding way possible. How? Through direct sponsorship of activities, mentorship, and training modules that are only offered by PIN sponsors to PIN members. While other internship or job opportunities may state "juniors-only or sophomore-and-above", PIN sponsors are global majors who value ideas, innovation, and demonstrated interest over graduation year as the elements of talent. 

After all, the profitable ESG and social innovation space was never originated by minds prefaced by the label of a graduation year!

- Sapphira Ching
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