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Wharton Retail Club is a student club at the University of Pennsylvania, facilitating the personal and career development of students interested in retail by building a network of exceptional undergraduates, faculty, and retail professionals. 

We encourage you to apply to one of our committees!

  • Consulting: network and partner with retail companies to consult on their projects
  • Events&Corporate Outreach: collaborate with retail companies to secure corporate partnerships and sponsorship and organise panels
  • Research: conduct and post to listerv recent research and updates on retail worldwide
  • Finance: review budget semesterly and update accounting books
  • Internal Operations: plan events to increase sense of community amongst members, maximize social media presence

Points of Contact

Lia Katz
VP of Consulting - Consulting


Most Recent
Question: I was wondering if the club has started any activities yet as I have not received an email from my committee. - Anonymous

Hello. The club has started activities and all committees should have reached out. Please reach out to me at eguala@wharton.upenn.edu directly so we can resolve this ASAP

- Edoardo Gualandri
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Question: Are you accepting applications for Spring 2022? - Anonymous

Yes we are!

- Edoardo Gualandri
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Question: what are the demands of this club? how often would we be required to meet? this may help me answer the question about time commitments this semester. Specifically speaking for the Corporate outreach committee - Anonymous

The demands depend on the committee and time of the year, but you can expect to have a weekly meeting with your committee! We will require that in addition to meetings, members attend GBMs once a month and events or activities the club organizes.

- Ioana-Andreea Vamesu
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Question: How do I subscribe to your listserve? - Anonymous
Click the bookmark and the subscribe buttons found on the top right of the page to be added to the WRC listserve.
- Ioana-Andreea Vamesu
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Edoardo Gualandri

Ioana-Andreea Vamesu

Krish Shah

Lia Katz
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Basic Info

6 Registered (20 - 50 Members)

Not Currently Accepting Members

Application Required

Both Semesters


How to Get Involved

Apply to one of our committees through the Wharton Council Common Club Application. 

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