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The Wharton Undergraduate Data Analytics Club enables Penn undergraduates to develop a passion for analytics and gives these analytically inclined students a community of like-minded individuals. We provide support for careers and skills development for students interested in working with data, as well as those who are interested in learning how to apply data analysis to business problems in their respective industries.

WUDAC is open to all undergraduates. We host events throughout the semester that are open to everyone. There are also three ways to enhance your involvement with the club that encourage member ownership and autonomy.

1) Join committees: We will be accepting applications for our Events, Education, and Marketing Committees. Applications will be followed by one round of interviews.

2) Apply for the Wharton Analytics Fellows: WAF enables students to get real world analytics experience doing an analytics-consulting project for a company. Past clients have included L'Oreal, Moelis & Company, the San Francisco Giants, and The Barnes Foundation.

3) Apply for the Executive Board: Members who have great event attendance and are on committees have the best chance of joining the Executive Board.

Non-Application Opportunities

  • Analytics 201: Work in teams to analyze and build models for a social impact data set. Seasoned WUDAC members will guide students by providing structured lectures on data analytics concepts & tools and lending support on projects.
  • Speaker Series: Listen to senior analytics leaders teach students about their positions, experience, and views on the field. Past speakers have included data scientists, Penn/Wharton professors, and corporate heads of analytics.
  • Corporate Recruiting Events: WUDAC connects companies with students interested in data science, statistics, and related fields.


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Question: The application description on Penn Clubs claims that we can apply to up to two committees by saving the submission for one committee and then selecting a new committee. However, at the bottom of the application near the submit button, it states that "Feel free to submit multiple times, only your most recent submissions will be shared with the club application reviewers." Could you please let me know if you will receive my application to both committees despite this message? - Anonymous

Yes! Both applications will be visible to us. If you submit, for example, a marketing and events application, we will see both responses. However, if you submit another marketing application again, it will overwrite your previous marketing responses.

- Tiffany Moi
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Question: Besides signing up for the listserv, is there anything else we have to do to become a GBM? Also, will the analytics 101/201 course be taught this semester for students who would like to learn? - Anonymous
Nope, that's it! The listserv is where we will post weekly updates of our upcoming events and you can attend those when you can. Analytics 101 will also be taught this semester in both Python and R. We'll send out more information soon about when/where the sessions will take place on our listserv!
- Tiffany Moi
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Question: I was wondering what the Marketing Committee was in charge of and what skill sets are needed to apply for that committee? - Anonymous
The marketing committee is in charge of promoting the club to the Penn community. We distribute marketing materials and promote our club events through social media, email, and our website. The main skills required for this club are design skills-- if you have an eye for aesthetics but don't have graphic design experience, you'll have an opportunity to learn in this committee! Other helpful skills are interest/experience with social media, website design, and analytics. If you'd like to send me examples of past designs (flyers, posters, facebook covers, powerpoints, drawings, paintings, etc) you've created, please email them to whartonudac@gmail.com!
- Joy Xiong
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Question: When are applications for committees due? - Anonymous

September 20th, 11:59pm EST through Penn Clubs

- Tiffany Moi
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Question: When will the Wharton Analytics Fellows application go live, and how would one access it? - Anonymous

The Wharton Analytics Fellows application will open up on September 5th and you can find the application here: https://analytics.wharton.upenn.edu/about/student-analytics-fellows/

- Tiffany Moi
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Question: Is WUDAC open to students outside of Wharton? - Anonymous
Of course! WUDAC invites students from all four schools at Penn to join our club. Anyone interested in data analytics or learning more is welcome to join our organization.
- Rachel Levin
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How to Get Involved

Visit us at the SAC Fair on September 1st and at the Wharton Clubbing Fair on September 3rd to learn more and speak directly with WUDAC board members. Committee applications will run through Penn Clubs, while Wharton Analytics Fellows applications can be found here (https://analytics.wharton.upenn.edu/about/student-analytics-fellows/). Sign up for our listserv here for weekly updates on upcoming events and opportunities!


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January 21, 2022, 3:00 PM

Wharton Clubbing Fair

January 21, 2022, 9:00 PM

Wharton Clubbing Fair

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