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WUEG's mission is to stimulate learning and discussion about the energy industry among Penn undergraduates and facilitate recruitment in the field. In accordance with our mission, WUEG provides a forum for undergraduates to explore energy at the intersection of business, science, and policy.

WUEG has 7 committees, described below:


  • The Consulting committee focuses on providing students with experience on the business side of energy. Members will work with companies to help solve problems and work in teams to develop solutions. 


  • Academics is the largest committee within WUEG. The academics team researches, publishes, and presents content for those interested in learning more about energy. They also write articles for the WUEG Newsletter, which outline current events in the energy industry, major energy company news, and analysis of the industry as a whole. Academics also develops lessons and presentations about various energy topics for general body meetings and other events.

Corporate Relations

  • The Corporate Relations committee is our primary liaison to our organizational partners. Members of corporate relations work to secure corporate partnership and external funding for WUEG while finding Penn alumni and other folks interested in joining our alumni network. CR also seeks out guest speakers for WUEG events.

Corporate Events

  • The Events committee is responsible for organizing the WUEG's semester calendar. This can involve anything from reaching out to potential speakers with backgrounds in the energy industry to organizing weekly meetings to tackling larger projects and events that require advanced logistical planning, such as the club's field trip to the Marcellus Shale. This committee also helps coordinate events with the different committees, ranging from recruiting panels to exec fireside chats to academic workshops.


  • The Finance committee handles all financial matters of the club and makes budgets and projections for costs throughout the semester. This committee also helps with the setup of any financial skills workshops.


  • The Marketing committee handles all marketing for events/club content and everything related to the club’s image. This ranges from managing social media posts and our website to working with the other committees to share our articles, events, or job opportunities on the newsletter.


  • The Membership committee is in charge of building rapport between WUEG members, running the club recruitment process, and the internal and external social side of the club. This ranges from setting up BYOs and social events to managing our mentorship programs. 


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Question: Is this club open to students in the College or just Wharton students? - Anna Shell

Yes, WUEG is open to all Penn students!

- Shivani Chatterjee
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How to Get Involved

Applications to be a general body member as well as a member of any committee will be available on the Wharton centralized application. Open leadership positions will be shown on our newsletter and in our slack. Anyone applying for a committee or leadership position will be required to interview.


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January 21, 2022, 3:00 PM

Wharton Clubbing Fair

January 21, 2022, 9:00 PM

Wharton Clubbing Fair

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