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The Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania that fosters creative thinking among the student body. Our mission is to provide a pool of resources for student entrepreneurs to pursue ventures during their undergrad years. We are a tight network of students interested in technology, design, and entrepreneurship.


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Question: Where can we apply? - Anonymous

Applications for our committees are live now at https://pennclubs.com/club/wharton-undergraduate-entrepreneurship-club/application/109

Deadline: Sunday, September 19th, 11:59pm ET

- Doan Nguyen
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Question: Can we list this as an extracurricular if we're just on the list-serv? - Anonymous

Thank you so much for your question. While you can list WUEC as an extracurricular if you are simply attending talks and workshops, we highly recommend taking your involvement a step further by joining our Ambassadors incubator program or joining our board. 

- Sabrina Chann
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Wharton Clubbing Fair

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Wharton Clubbing Fair

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