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The Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club (WUFC) is a student club at the University of Pennsylvania and offers a comprehensive destination for all students interested in finance. From learning to recruiting to networking, we are Wharton's most prominent and largest finance-focused institution. WUFC is committed to promoting equal access to the finance industry and supporting all of its members in achieving their professional goals.

WUFC is composed of 7 committees. The following are descriptions of each of the committees that compose WUFC:

Investment Team offers an enriching opportunity for students to deepen their qualitative and quantitative financial knowledge. From learning valuation and financial modeling skills to other investment topics like trading strategies and alternative investing, the Investment Team is a cornerstone of WUFC's curriculum. Past projects have involved weekly market flashes, industry sector groups, and stock pitch competitions. Each semester, members of the WUFC Investment Team will join one of three Product Groups: Private Equity, Hedge Fund Solutions, and Special Situations for more in-depth financial analysis training, end-of-semester pitches, and mentorship opportunities. All applicants will apply to the general Investment Team, being placed into Product Groups after acceptance.

Corporate Relations Committee identifies, creates and sustains cordial relationships with Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club sponsors. We help our sponsors plan and facilitate campus visits and in the future firm visits. Corporate Relations is the link between the club and its sponsors. We seek to diversify and increase our sponsors' list with the aim of providing our colleagues with more access to the financial industry. Consequently, with more sponsors, we look forward to organizing and facilitating a Wharton Finance Conference like no other. We are in the process of organizing a miniature version of what is to come in the future.

Quantitative Finance Committee aims to further students’ knowledge in both finance and technology. Our committee takes on multiple projects related to quantitative finance. Previously, our committee members learned R, a coding language, created a stock ticker and an automated DCF model, and prepared for quantitative finance interviews. The Quant Committee seeks individuals from diverse backgrounds hoping to learn more about the intersection of finance and technology/data.

Events Committee is committed to designing meaningful spaces for club members to interact with one another and to broaden their capacities regarding career and academic disciplines. We collaborate with other committees and clubs to organize and manage logistics for all events. In the 2023 term, we are aiming to implement new initiatives benefiting our committee members and for the Wharton community as a whole. In the past, these events have included educational speaker series, networking events with alumni, educational workshops, and more!

Membership Committee focuses on building and solidifying long lasting relationships within the community. From planning social events to creating resume books, we aim to strengthen not only pre-professional networks, but also genuine connections. In the past, we have hosted finance events such as OCR workshops as well as bi-annual formals, holiday dinners, and general board meetings

Marketing Committee is divided into three branches: Strategy & Research, Communications, and Design. S&R is in charge of analyzing data in regards to the Penn population and creating marketing strategies to attract and retain new members. Communications is in charge of executing the promotion of events and WUFC’s brand. Design works to create the designs for marketing materials (graphic design, video, or photography) for WUFC events and corporate sponsors. Overall, the marketing committee uses design and strategy to further WUFC’s mission of enhancing the financial knowledge and interest of our members

Case Team (Open to All) is aimed at educating and preparing students who are interested in competing in case competitions. The meetings will be centered around developing crucial skills such as financial modeling and business strategy for the purpose of guiding students through stock pitches and cases. Through both a diverse and deep coverage of material, including industry analysis, financial statement analysis, and corporate valuation, members will gain skills to set them up for success in case competitions, recruiting, and upper-level business courses.​

Our GBMer Engagement Plan can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15giQRnoriCu8XixNZyCPLiqmYlNAUK9c/view?usp=sharing


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Question: Is admission to the Case Team guaranteed for all students since the description says "open to all?" - Anonymous

Yes, the Case Team is our General Body Member program. All you have to do is apply!

- Abraham Franchetti
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Question: How do I subscribe as a general body member? - Anonymous

Hello! We're so glad you're interested. Subscribe to our listserv (https://tinyurl.com/wufclistserv), and you'll receive notifications about General Body Meetings (GBMs) and access to certain job postings and opportunities.

- Malia Sanghvi
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Question: If you apply and are accepted to a committee, are you required to stay with that committee during all your time in WUFC or can you switch committees between semesters? - Anonymous

While you cannot automatically switch from one committee to another, you may apply to another committee through the regular application process. Based on your performance in your current committee, your current VPs may boost your chances to get into your preferred committee through an internal referral.

- Baptiste Audenaert
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Question: How can I get in the Case Team? - Anonymous

Fill out this form: https://forms.gle/HFTbz2ijQBCMB5RPA

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Question: How much time should a prospective Investment Team member reserve per week? - Anonymous

The Investment Team meets 1h every week. In addition, you will be presenting a stock pitch at some point in the semester, which requires some additional work outside of the meetings. 

- Baptiste Audenaert
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Question: When do applications for the club open? - Anonymous

Applications are open now!

- Baptiste Audenaert
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Question: How do we apply? - Anonymous

You can apply through the green application button in the upper right corner of our PenncCubs page.

- Harper Nguyen
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Question: Can general body members also learn about investing, finance and technology too? - Anonymous

Certainly! General body members can attend many of our events, including workshops, fireside chats, sponsor panels, and corporate info/networking sessions. 

If you want to learn more about investing technicals in specific, I would recommend looking into applying for the case team as well!

- Baptiste Audenaert
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Question: What's the recruitment timeline like for applying to a Committee? - Anonymous

For Spring 2022, submit your application by January 30. Decisions will be sent out by the second week of February.

- Baptiste Audenaert
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Question: What do I need to do to apply? - Anonymous

You can apply through the green application button in the upper right corner of our pennclubs page.

- Baptiste Audenaert
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Question: Is this club strictly for Wharton students? - Anonymous

No. We welcome all Penn students from any school to apply to any committee or to be a GBM. 

- Harper Nguyen
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How to Get Involved

Apply to be a committee member using the centralized Wharton club applications. 

To get access to our weekly newsletters and upcoming events, join our listserv via our website https://www.whartonfinanceclub.com/

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