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WUFT is a tight-knight group of 30 undergraduates interested in the intersection of finance & technology.


WUFT seeks to catalyze innovation at the intersection of finance & technology for Penn undergraduates.


  • Initiative - Our members are self-starters who are always suggesting and executing on new ideas, projects, and ways to improve the club.
  • Innovation - We strive to be at the cutting edge of new ideas and trends, and, hopefully, the ones creating them.
  • Community - Above all, WUFT is a place for members to find a tight-knit home and foster genuine friendships.


  • Education Committee - We host events to generate productive discussion on the fintech landscape. In the past, we have hosted speakers such as Dan D'Aniello (Founder of Carlyle), Tsvi Gal (CTO of Morgan Stanley), and Andy Rachleff (Founder of Wealthfront and Benchmark). 
  • Trek Committee - WUFT hosts heavily subsidized treks to Silicon Valley and New York City, visiting companies such as Google, Morgan Stanley, and Y Combinator.
  • Marketing Committee - Our marketing team coordinates our weekly newsletter, designs stylish event graphics, liasons with other clubs / corporate sponsors, and produces video documentaries of our treks.


Please access the universal Wharton Club application here and select WUFT to apply:



Question: How can we be added to your listserv? - Anonymous
- Lydia Ma
Question: Are you taking spring applications? - Anonymous

Nope! Watch out for our Fall apps later this year.

- Lydia Ma
Question: When are applications due? - Anonymous
9/20 at 11:59pm
- Lydia Ma
Question: Where can we find the application? - Anonymous
Wharton Common Application for WUFT (https://groups.wharton.upenn.edu/whcouncil/survey?survey_uid=850a106e-bbc2-11ea-bc6e-0a85c368333a)
- Lydia Ma
Question: Do you have any upcoming events coming up? - Anonymous
Yes! We are hosting Rajeev Misra, Board Director of the SoftBank Group and CEO of SoftBank Investment Advisors! He heads the prestigious Vision Fund.
- Srineeth Challa
Question: Can you join a Wharton clubs if you are in A&S school? - Anonymous

Yes you are able to join Wharton clubs if you are in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

- Eric Wu


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10 Registered (50 - 100 Members)

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How to Get Involved

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW LIVE FOR THE FALL 2020 RECRUITMENT CYCLE: PLEASE ACCESS THE UNIVERSAL WHARTON CLUB APPLICATION HERE AND SELECT WUFT TO APPLY: https://groups.wharton.upenn.edu/whcouncil/survey?survey_uid=850a106e-bbc2-11ea-bc6e-0a85c368333a

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