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The Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club is dedicated to educating the Penn community about the real estate industry and exposing the undergraduate student body to the various opportunities in the field. It seeks to provide an intellectual environment that not only allows students to learn, but also to network and build meaningful foundations for success in real estate. WUREC provides increased access to the Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center's Ballard Executive Visitor Luncheon Series, the Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center's Career Mentor Program, MBA/Undergraduate Real Estate Club Mixers, Masters of Real Estate Lecture Series, site visits, MBA Lecture Series events and Resume Book. Whether you want to learn about investing, job opportunities, or general education, if you have any interest in real estate, or want to learn more, please feel free to go to the contact page and request to be added to the listserv. Then, look out for upcoming speakers, social events, and classes!

We are proud to be a student group at the University of Pennsylvania.


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Question: Is this club recruiting in the spring? - Anonymous

WUREC is not recruiting this semester. 

However, the club will be sending out a membership form via the listserv shortly. If you think you may be interested in applying for a committee in the fall, I recommend that you meet the new requirements for membership and take advantage of some of the opportunities that are being introduced this spring, which will also be shared through the listserv this semester. 

- Adrian Massuet
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Question: If you are already on the WUREC ListServ, will applications or info for how to apply be sent out through that? - Anonymous

Applications will open through Penn Clubs via the Centralized Application. In addition to the personal statement, you'll be asked to complete a couple of brief, WUREC specific questions. From there, we will contact you regarding interviews/the rest of the process. WUREC will also send out an email on its listserv informing its members that the application opened and instructions on how to apply.

- Jane Young
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Question: I'm not necessarily interested in a formal career in real estate, but rather more of a side venture. Is WUREC the right place for me? - Anonymous
WUREC is here to educate its members on real estate even if they are not considering a full-time career in the field. As long as you are interested in real estate, we would love to have you join.
- Vikrant Ragula
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Question: Is WUREC open to students in the college? - Anonymous

Of course! WUREC has members from all four schools at Penn. Anyone interested in real estate or learning more about real estate is welcome to join our organization.

- Jane Young
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Fall Semester


How to Get Involved

WUREC Committee Applications open during the Fall Semester and are the best way for students to get involved with the club. Committees include Speakers, Treks, Careers, Membership and Development, and Communications. Committee specific applications will be opened during the Fall recruiting process. We look forward to getting to know you!

Students can get involved as Limited Members through joining our listserv to see exciting opportunities related to real estate happening on campus and virtually. 

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