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We, as the University of Pennsylvania's student group chapter of WIA, are dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation. We envision a world where women share equally in the creation, production and rewards of animation, and we provide resources and connections to make it happen.


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Question: Do we directly need to apply for a WIA membership with the membership fee from WIA website or is there a different way to become a member for this particular chapter? Also, what region do we have to select when applying for membership, I do not see Philadelphia in list, nearest is NY. - Rhuta Joshi

You only need to join us through PennClubs and our emailing list to join this chapter. No external membership application or fee is required.

- Serena Gandhi
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Question: Hi! I was wondering: does this club require previous experience in animation? Or it is also beginner-friendly? - Chuyun Yu
Hello! No, we do not require you to have any prior experience. You can join if you’re interested in animation :)
- Sireesha Putcha
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How to Get Involved

Fill out our registration form: https://forms.gle/9x2xr2B21GoV2Dj18

Also, join our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/705955889810649/

Or follow us on Instagram: @wia_at_penn

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