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Wharton Undergraduate Aerospace Club (WUAC) serves to explore business principles via the aerospace and defense domain. Our primary prerogative is to open the highly technical industry of aerospace to non-engineering majors. We host weekly case explorations to expand our understanding of the industry and push thought forward. Our largest event is the Wharton Aerospace Conference bringing together 250 top aerospace executives on Penn’s campus in March. Companies in attendance include Anduril, Shield AI, Boeing, Blackrock, Accenture, Moelis, Deloitte, Lockheed, Northrop, and many many more. Joining grants you access to likeminded and driven individuals looking to make tangible differences in this world.

For more info go to wuacpenn.com 


WUAC is centralized around our weekly meetings. Beyond that we have many other opportunities of enrichment in self-motivated divisions such as venture analysis, corporate outreach, NASA Technology Transfer program, Space Law and Policy, Investment Team, and beyond. We also encourage team formation in aerospace and defense oriented competitions through NASA and other A&D companies.

How to Join:

WUAC does not distinguish in the application phase. Apply through our PennClubs application in the fall or spring and demonstrate your interest. If you’re interested in the A&D industry and are committed to expanding your purview then it should be a natural fit. Do not be concerned about prior experience, we look for motivation and passion.

General Body:

You can join our listserv at wuacpenn.com/signup

We will periodically send out emails about opportunities to engage. NASA T2U organizes a number of events as well as speaker opportunities.

If you have a particular interest in WUAC and it is outside of our application phase, reach out to wuacpenn@gmail.com

Points of Contact

Bryce Gunderman
Chair - Partnerships and Sponsorships
Ethan Markwalter
Helen Lortie
Chair - Application and Recruitment
Shalika Neelaveni
Chair - Design Lab
Willow Wilkes
Chair - Frontiers and T2U
Wyatt Currie
Chair - Investment Team and NASA T2U


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Question: What does WUAC stand for? - Anonymous

Wharton Undergraduate Aerospace Club 

- Kenneth Markwalter
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Question: How can I join the WUAC listserv? - Anonymous

Fill out the form at https://wuacatpenn.wixsite.com/home/signup and you will be added to our listserv.

- Kenneth Markwalter
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Question: Do I need business or aerospace experience to join? - Anonymous

You do not need any prior experience to join the club. We are open to students with various backgrounds. We only ask that all students interested in joining WUAC are committed to the club and passionate about its mission and vision.

- Rona Ashaboglu
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Question: How can I get involved? - Shalika Neelaveni

Fill out our application at https://pennclubs.com/club/wuac/application/125! Applications close on September 19th at 11:59pm.

- Kenneth Markwalter
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Question: What would I get to do as a member of WUAC? - Anonymous

As a new, growing club, there are many opportunities for new members to get involved. All members are required to attend our GBMs and those interested will participate in our case competitions. We also encourage members to get involved in other aspects of our team such as Equity Research, Design Lab, Sponsorships, etc. to continue growing our club.

- Shalika Neelaveni
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Question: What is the application process like? - Anonymous

The application process is similar in fashion to other clubs, with an added twist. The main idea is not to stress about it. 

- Kenneth Markwalter
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Question: Can I still join if I'm not in Wharton? - Anonymous

Absolutely! All Penn students, regardless of year, are welcome and encouraged to join.

- Shalika Neelaveni
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Question: Are you Wharton affiliated? - Anonymous

Yes, we are in trial period recognition with Wharton Council.

- Kenneth Markwalter
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